EP Review: Chapel Floods – Chapel Floods (Self Released)

Rotherham based alt metal three-piece Chapel Floods recently released their self-titled debut EP.

Musically rooted in 90’s metal, with influences ranging across a huge variety of bands from stoner to grunge to thrash, Chapel Floods have forged their own uncompromising sound. The band was conceived from an off-kilter rant from Bing, with Shawn and Luke quickly turning it into a jam. The band started jamming and writing just before the dreaded 2020 lockdown, in spite of this, the three forged ahead with a singular focus of making music by themselves, for themselves. The addition of Will on guitar in mid-2021 rounded out the band. With nothing off the table and nothing to lose, the four-piece bring fourth the debut 3 track release recorded live in their make shift studio, along with being mixed and mastered by the band.

Chapel Floods have had to bring this EP kicking and screaming to our ears, but it was worth every scratch, bruise and busted lip.

Opening proceedings with Time Servers, the raw blend of grunge and doom crawls under the skin. Creating a maddening itch that you just can’t help but scratch to immense satisfaction. The dark and heavy tones of the guitar, the strained, scratchy but delightfully powerful vocals and the heavy thump of the drums works nicely. It’s a very solid opener.

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Thousand Year Stare will make your teeth ache and stomach quiver through the sheer weight of the riffs. The drone would almost too much to bear if it wasn’t so damn infectious. A star making track although the finale of Crooked Noose certainly doesn’t offend.

Be prepared for an immediate, unexpected but very welcome guitar solo and tempo shift as the pace steps up for something really grungy and rocking.

Disgustingly lovable. Two words that don’t just sum up the EP but Chapel Floods in general. They’ve made a hefty impact with this debut EP, let’s see what they do next!

Chapel Floods – Chapel Floods Full Track Listing:

1. Time Servers
2. Thousand Year Stare
3. Crooked Noose


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Chapel Floods - Chapel Floods (Self Released)
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