EP Review: Cadence Noir – A Reckless Endeavour (Self Released)

UK Gothic Folk ‘n’ Rollers Cadence Noir will release their 2nd EP ‘A Reckless Endeavour’ on 19th June 2020. The EP features 3 brand new songs,  a re-recording of the band’s 2014 single ‘My Place’, Their 2015 single, the title track ‘A Reckless Endeavour’ and, say Cadence Noir:

Dave the whole Dave and nothing but the Dave, you’ll have to listen to see…

Now entering their 9th year of absurd existence, Cadence Noir continue their trend of sonically up-beat takes on suitably dark topics. ‘A Reckless Endeavour’ shamelessly merges as many genres as possible into 6 songs taking in a 20-minute journey through Punk, Thrash, Folk Metal, Celtic Rock and Pop.

This EP sees the band finally finish recording their back catalogue of 21 songs created since their days as an acoustic duo and continues the trend of failing miserably at doing it in order.



Hopefully this is a cathartic moment for Cadence Noir. The closing of one chapter in preparation for the next. The last of their back-catalogue brought kicking and screaming into the modern era.

Beginning with the bouncy energy of Weighing Owls, the violin is working overtime here and it has a real late night jolly down the pub feel about it. Whereas Hammered and Sickened brings a little bit more generosity in regards to a frantic edge all with Cadence Noir’s identifiable folkish sound running through it.

The title track though is certainly one to remember as it showcases more depth and layers. The vocals a little more urgent, the riffs working harder to stand out and once again, the violin tying it all together.

The bar set, both Down the Park and My Place look to smash it and certainly give it a good go. The former mixing a sweeter and more mellow side with pacy punkiness. While the latter is smile-inducing rock catchiness.

Dave’s Turnip Heart is certainly a controversial track to follow all of that. Actually, on second thought it’s controversial full stop seeing as it’s over 4 minutes of a drum solo. An odd decision and maybe one that long-term fans will understand more than newbies.

Happily, it doesn’t end on that. Although it beginning with a brief drum flurry was a funny fakeout as if we were about to yet another solo. Instead we get a foot-tapping finale that doesn’t overcompensate but still has some nice guitar melodies and subtle violin use.

Cadence Noir – A Reckless Endeavour Full Track Listing:

1. Weighing Owls
2. Hammered and Sickened
3. A Reckless Endeavour
4. Down the Park
5. My Place
6. Dave’s Turnip Heart
7. Hey Yeah


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Cadence Noir - A Reckless Endeavour (Self Released)
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