EP Review: Blue Heron – Black Blood of the Earth/A Sunken Place (Self Released)

Blue Heron is a four-piece band from New Mexico creating their own mix of authentic desert rock blended with elements of doom, stoner metal, and heavy psych. They’re about to self-release their debut EP, a two-song 7-inch for the songs “Black Blood of the Earth” and “A Sunken Place.” The EP drops on December 3rd, 2021.

A meaty combination, Blue Heron announce themselves on the scene with two groovy, sexy, and heavy doom/stoner/psych listens. The first, Black Blood of the Earth features a fast-paced array of dirty riffs, chunky hooks and varied vocals; one smooth and the other with a bit of snarl. It’s an infectious listen with a ton of groove but also gets wild and heavy when the mood takes Blue Heron. The latter part of the track gets particularly noisy but also very ‘jammy’.

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The second track is A Sunken Place and sees Blue Heron double down on the heavier side of their music for an instant stoner/doom classic. The psych elements burn through from the guitars but the shifting passages, like sand in a desert, are what unseat the mind. A shorter and more refined track, it’s a personal preference but both offerings are great.

Roll on the spring of 2022 when we should be getting a full album from this band!

Blue Heron – Black Blood of the Earth/A Sunken Place Full Track Listing:

1. Black Blood of the Earth
2. A Sunken Place


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Blue Heron - Black Blood of the Earth/A Sunken Place (Self Released)
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