EP Review: Bleach Party, USA – Get Stokeder (Self Released)

Since we reviewed Get Stoked, the debut EP from punk band, Bleach Party, USA, they’ve had a significant change, namely a new singer (Fernando). Influenced by the likes of Adolescents, DI, and Night Birds. Bleach Party, USA will release their new EP, Get Stokeder…something of a transitional EP.

Stokeder 2

Get Stokeder is five tracks long and has two tracks with the original vocalist (Joe Reeves), one with guitarist Travis and two with Fernando. It will be released on Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) 2018.

We had a lot of praise for Bleach Party, USA after listening to Get Stoked last year. You can read our full review of that EP here. The short version is that it showed us an exciting new punk rock band.

The good news is that they still are. New vocalist Fernando brings an added layer of raw punkiness to the first two tracks, Bleach Party Party and House while the others bring the meat and thickness of a hard rocking pair of tracks. Going on these two alone, Bleach Party, USA have renewed energy.



A short, sharp and nasty tune comes next in Nose Beers and Road Soda before the Bleach Party, USA of old take their final bow. Stoked and Voices, the last two tracks with original singer Joe serve as a reminder of what helped the band appear on our radar. High energy punk, snarling vocals, dirty guitars…it’s as close to what punk can be as we’re likely to get in the modern day.

As it was said at the start, Get Stokeder is a transitional EP but it’s nice to see there isn’t a huge gulf in difference between the old and the new vocalists. Watch this space closely, big things could be in store for the punk rockers!

Stokeder 1

Bleach Party, USA – Get Stokeder Full Track Listing:

1. Bleach Party Party
2. House
3. Nose Beers and Road Soda
4. Stoked
5. Voices

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You can order the EP over on Bandcamp and find out more by checking out Beach Party, USA’s Facebook Page.


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Bleach Party, USA - Get Stokeder (Self Released)
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