EP Review: Bather – Bather (Appalachian Noise Records)

After playing together for several years and releasing a pair of EPs under the name Forest Wars – whose Bandcamp page describes them as “Members of Two Prog. Metal bands come together to play their version of Hardcore” – the Columbus, Ohio-based quintet weeded anything even remotely resembling nuance from their sound, replaced them with brickbats, and rechristened themselves Bather. A far more violent sounding unit in their new incarnation, they’re preparing to release their nasty, brutish, and short self-titled debut on April 12th 2019 via Appalachian Noise Records.

Bather 2

For 24 minutes and across 6 songs, Bather make a lot of noise with a maniacal and inhuman showing. There’s not much to sink your teeth into but it’s just enough considering the high level of ruthlessness on display here. A little bit death, a little bit ‘core but all metal, Drown the Sun comes out with a desire to go on the offensive immediately. The bellowing heaviness sending reverberations throughout the body.

Birds and All Dark Rooms doesn’t ease that at all. The latter increasing the speed as it looks to leave a deep and dark bruise. The depths that Bather sink too here will have you wondering about long-term hearing damage as this is music to be played loud.

The second half of the EP doesn’t let up unsurprisingly as The Path and Flesh Obsessor deliver a genuinely menacing experience. Momentous tracks on a monstrous EP that pushes things to the limit with the longest track, Leaves Like Bones. It’s quite a finish and exciting to hear Bather really push their imagination in regards to riffing and differing tempos.

Bather 1

Bather – Bather Full Track Listing:

1. Drown The Sun
2. Birds
3. All Dark Rooms
4. The Path
5. Flesh Obsessor
6. Leaves Like Bones



The EP can be ordered via Bandcamp here as well as physical copies here. Keep up to date with Bather news via their Facebook Page, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.


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Bather - Bather (Appalachian Noise Records)
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