EP Review: Bastard – The Worst Is Yet To Come (Self Released)

Bastard are a Norwich, UK based 4 piece metal/hardcore band due to release their new EP, The Worst Is Yet To Come this Halloween. Looking to build upon their well-received performance on the New Blood Stage in 2019 at Bloodstock Open Air.

It’s with some serious fire in their bellies that Bastard emerge from the shadows of 2020 with the short but impactful, Mustard City. There’s some early bubbling ferocity that threatens to fully spill over as the screech of feedback transitions it into TWIYTC.

Here, Bastard really come to life with a violent assault of ringing heaviness. The guitars slam hard, the drums add the exclamation point and the vocals are wild and feral-like. It’s a chunky beast, heavy enough to leave a headache brewing.

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Wretch comes next and has Bastard up the tempo for a more frantic effort that is groovy in all its hardcore glory. Regardless, it’s a lot of fun. Before the longest and most in-depth track wraps things up. Procters Ledge building up nicely to an expulsion of near-doomy noise, Bastard pulling no punches with one of the most devastating tracks so far. Then suddenly, it seems to end. Silence and then the ringing tap of cymbals before releasing a final blasting wall of heaviness to ends things tightly and on a high.

It’s awesome stuff but it really leaves you wanting more.

Bastard – The Worst Is Yet To Come Full Track Listing:

1. Mustard City
3. Wretch
4. Procters Ledge


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Bastard - The Worst Is Yet To Come (Self Released)
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