EP Review: At Dusk/Sacerdos – Split (Pacific Threnodies)

Due to be released via Pacific Threnodies on August 29th 2017, this split EP is the first new music in two years from both At Dusk & Sacerdos.

Dusk Split 1

Only two tracks long but with At Dusk’s track coming in at nearly 15 minutes & Sacerdos’ going nearly 14 minutes. Condemned is At Dusk’s offering; dark & oppressive blending black metal with ambience to create a scene of fury & horror.

The raw sound only enhances the nastiness on show, this is as bleak as you can get. The more ambient moments heightening the dread leaving you feeling uneasy but impressed. A fantastic bitter offering, ending on a stunning piano melody to the sound of an exorcism.

Sacerdos’ Hexagonum offers something a little different. Instantly the meaty beat stands out, black metal, yes but with a much more hook-laden style. More focus on a clearer sound & metal riffs alongside hellish vocals makes Hexagonum the better of the two songs. If all of that wasn’t enough the song is also punctuated by piano melody that is simply sublime.

An amazing split offering from two bands who are clearly at the top of their game! Arguably the best split release we’ve heard this year.

Dusk Split 2

At Dusk/Sacerdos – Split EP Full Track Listing:

1. Condemned (At Dusk)
2. Hexagonum (Sacerdos)

You can order the EP now via Pacific Threnodies’ Bandcamp, At Dusk’s Bandcamp & Sacerdos’ Bandcamp. Head over to Facebook to check out more from Pacific Threnodies.

At Dusk/Sacerdos - Split (Pacific Threnodies)
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