EP Review: Antre – Dark Spectrum (Withered Hand Records)

Antre (pronounced ant-er) is an old English word for a cave or cavern. Appropriate name, considering a band who manifest as a representation of the innermost darkest places within all of us.

The critically acclaimed Nottingham outfit return with their new EP Dark Spectrum, released on the 15th January 2021 via Withered Hand Records.

Grim music for grim times, Antre draw from a wide array of styles (black metal, death metal, thrash metal and more). For those wanting something to match up with their January despondency and frustration, the four tracks of Dark Spectrum will provide.

However, for all its bleakness and hostility, it never feels like it’s trying to drag you down. Antre sees the darkness inside you as much as themselves and lay it all out, exposed and shivering in the winter wind. It’s atmosphere but not in the way most are used too, or most are comfortable with.

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The only happiness you’re likely to feel upon crawling across the sharp shards of Dark Spectrum comes from just how good an EP it is.

Antre – Dark Spectrum Full Track Listing:

1. Through These Dead Eyes
2. Become the Damned
3. Mask of the Saviour
4. Cursed Existence


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Antre - Dark Spectrum (Withered Hand Records)
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