Comic Book Review: Last of the Irin – Volume Two

Last of the Irin is a web-comic trilogy from writer Robert McMillan. Volume One was released last year and now, at the start of 2021, Volume Two makes its stellar arrival. You can check out our review of Volume One here and find out more here.

The trilogy charts the feud between the Canaanite Gods, brothers Yahweh and Baal, miners of gold, the slave masters of our ancestors, known today as God and the Devil. The interstellar family feud has reverberated through human history, and its path leads, as it narrows, to a young Armenian immigrant girl growing up in Sweden today. As the feud is rekindled, Anahita steps into the shoes of her illustrious forefathers. Soon our history, our very existence, now pivots around her ability to manoeuvre through this deadly game of love, revenge, and wealth. Anahita’s adventure is our personal journey of self-discovery, and that of our entire species.

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The story continues and what we get with Volume Two is a much more action-packed and exciting affair. Volume One went into great detail (to the point of confusion at times), whereas Volume Two is less wordy and more intense.

That last word might seem like hyperbole, but it is an accurate representation of what is felt while reading through the pages of this story. It’s hard to not grip the pages or tablet as each new segment takes us deeper into the incredibly world created here.

There’s still plenty of story to be told and once again, we speed through the cosmos in spectacular fashion. Aided of course, by simply phenomenal artwork which continues to leap of the page in colourful and well-designed detail. In fact, in some sections it easily tops what was drawn in the Volume One.

Whereas Volume One was creating the world for us to slip into and suffered in places for that, Volume Two has no such problems. The world is much more fully formed (although there is plenty more added) so McMillan has a bit more fun with things. On many pages, dialogue is kept to a minimum and the action does the speaking. The separate stories, locations and time-periods mesh far better together but retain their individual grandiose feel.

Come the end of Volume One, Last of the Irin had done more than enough to make you want to come back to Volume Two. This time round, Volume Two doesn’t just leave you hungry for more, it leaves you starving for it. The sooner we get Volume Three, the better!

Check out both volumes here!

Last of the Irin - Volume Two
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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