EP Review: Alpha Omega – Crows of Golgotha (Self Released)

UK thrash metal band, Alpha Omega make their triumphant return this Good Friday (15/04/22) with the Crows of Golgotha EP.

It’s so good to have Alpha Omega back and thrashing as hard as possible. The fellas proving that they are just getting stronger and tighter as a modern thrash unit with an EP that is downright spiritual regarding the compelling head-banging nature of it.

Kicking off with the raging Pigs, Alpha Omega start of hot and for over three minutes, refuse to cool down. A wild, pit-inducing head-banger that will make you drop to your knees and praise the thrash metal gods.

The title track isn’t making any immediate changes to the fast-paced and whiplash inducing speed, but who is asking for it? Ill-mannered and very traditional thrash sounding, it’s concentrated fire and ferocity. Up until the halfway point where the band drop the tempo and go for a rhythmic beat with the vocals being belted out loudly.

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Up next, Emptiness and guess what? It’s a blistering thrash heavyweight with cutthroat riffs and bone-crunching drums. As is God Told Me to Skin You Alive, Alpha Omega delving into deathier territories at the start before unleashing a hellacious wave of varied heaviness on the congregation gathered. It’s a track with one of the overall best methodically driven head-banging tempos.

Finally, wrap up your Easter listening with the no-nonsense and aggressive stomping Harrowing of Hell. A full-on finale that has a little bit of the ‘Slayers’ about it.

Banging. Modern thrash with an old-school vibe. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Alpha Omega – Crows of Golgotha Full Track Listing:

1. Pigs
2. Crows of Golgotha
3. Emptiness
4. God Told Me to Skin You Alive
5. Harrowing of Hell


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Alpha Omega – Crows of Golgotha (Self Released)
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