EP Review: All Hours – Perspectives (Self Released)

All Hours are bringing a new edge to pop punk music and turning heads as they go. Their EP ‘Perspectives’ is out on April 16th 2021.

On the topic of the themes contained in the EP, vocalist Dani O’Grady said:

‘Perspectives’ delves into the theme of relationships and is like a glimpse into my private journal. It explores the breakdown of relationships, toxic friendships, and reflections on ‘what could have been.

Whatever you might think of pop-punk, be prepared for a surprise as the opener Downward kicks in. The rhythm has a ton of energy and the vocals are more aligned with the heavier spectrum of metal. I had to check I had put the right record on, such is the surprising nature of All Hours. What isn’t so surprising is the drops into melody and clean singing. No complaints though as it builds up to a pretty stellar chorus, the beat increases and those brutal vocals return. A very strong and unique start.

The title track keeps the peppy energy but reflective melodies in place before Black Rose reveals itself to be the catchiest of catchy pop-punk songs on the EP. Super-melodramatic but in the best way possible. With a mixture of punchy and intense flair-ups and heartfelt drops. Wonderful stuff.

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Two more classy efforts make up the rest of the EP. The hyperactive Green Eyes and soft but emotionally wrought Before I Go. Good stuff.

There’s certainly something unique about All Hours. At times, very much exactly what you might expect and hope for but more importantly, at others, delivering completely unexpected results. Well worth checking out.

All Hours – Perspectives Full Track Listing:

1. Downward
2. Perspectives
3. Black Rose
4. Green Eyes
5. Before I Go


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All Hours – Perspectives (Self Released)
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