Download Minecraft PE,, and 1.20.0 Free APK: New Version

Minecraft PE 1.20.0 gives players new opportunities in the cubic world. New ways to travel, new building features, unique items, and original blocks.

Try your luck and go explore the world on a camel. The new mob is able to overcome many blocks, due to its size. The desert animal has a slow pace, which will allow players to view the sights around. The camel loves cacti, so if you want to get a cub, be sure to feed them with this fruit.

New blocks

The development team from Mojang in Minecraft, and 1.20.0 decided to focus on the ability for players to show imagination and create. In this regard, a lot of blocks for construction appeared and the functions of the existing ones expanded. For example, bamboo is useful not only as a treat for pandas, but also an excellent block for building a cozy house on the ocean.

The raft

Bamboo can be useful for building water transport in Minecraft PE 1.19.73. The raft will be a convenient way to travel on water, and you can also place a chest on it and store your things there.


Minecraft, and 1.20.0 has a new version of the Bookshelf, but now with a mechanical mechanism. It is crafted from bamboo. You can put and take away any kind of Books up to 6 pieces, including items for writing.

The bookshelf releases a Red Dust signal that depends on the number of books.


Players often download skin mods to diversify the gameplay and look somehow original.

In Minecraft PE, and 1.20.0, in addition to Alex and Steve, users will be able to choose 7 more characters that are different from each other. So, players will be able to show their uniqueness and identity.


In addition to the camel, another new mob will be the Sniffer in Minecraft Pocket Edition, and 1.20.0. This is an ancient dinosaur, and its peculiarity is that it is looking for the seeds of ancient plants. This new plant in the game is ancient and long extinct. It can be grown in the Gardens and used to create dyes or for food.

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