EP Review: Scaphism – Perpetual Torment (Self Released)

Extreme death metal band Scaphism have released Perpetual Torment, a limited edition 2-song cassette featuring new vocalist, Eden Rayz.

The first track, From the Bloody Banks of the Phlegethon has lyrics written by Tony Jordan, the band’s original vocalist. The second track, Infinite Coil of Auto-Enucleation was co-written by guitarist and main songwriter Evan Woolley and new vocalist Eden Rayz (Angel Grinder, ex-The Furies).

Evan Woolley says:

This demo ushers in a new era for Scaphism,” Woolley has expressed. “We have the same pounding riffs, flawless drumming from Alex Fewell (Black Mass), and contoured basslines from Erik Jordan, Tony’s brother, but have worked in new song forms and new textures. Tony’s parting gift to us was one last round of lyrics. This demo also functions as a passing of the torch to Eden.

This EP follows on from their 2017 album release, Unutterable Horrors. You can read our review of of that album here.



A chance for Scaphism to introduce their new vocalist on record, Perpetual Torment doesn’t have much to it. Just two songs combining to about 7 minutes long. It’s a chance for the band to show off her gifted guttural noise and a chance for fans to hear the new direction Scaphism are going. One that really isn’t that different to what came before. This is after all still an extreme metal release.

Over the two tracks, the new look Scaphism deliver brutality in raw and uncultured form. It’s mean, it’s nasty, it’s filthy but most importantly, it’s great. The replacing of male vocals with female vocals could have gone wrong but Eden Rayz is simply phenomenal at digging deep and pulling out a sickening level of horror. She could very well be the addition that helps see Scaphism push onwards and upwards.

Scaphism – Perpetual Torment Full Track Listing:

1. From the Bloody Banks of the Phlegethon
2. Infinite Coil of Auto-Enucleation


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Scaphism - Perpetual Torment (Self Released)
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