Did Starfield live up to the players’ expectations?

Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield is one of the most highly-anticipated space-themed RPG games. Gamers are getting excited with the game since it promises epic adventures with the stars, encounters with the alien species, and exploration with the wide universe. Now that the game is finally released, most people are asking: Did Starfield live up to the players’ expectations?

The Early Reveal

Before diving into the game, it’s important to realize the enormous hype of Starfield’s development. Starfield was included in the announcements from E3 2018. With the teaser trailer that they’ve provided, players were able to take a peek at Bethesda’s attempt to get into the science fiction genre. With this early revelation, fans are going crazy as they are imagining what it would be when a Bethesda-style open-world RPG is exploring the space.

Bethesda is best known for games such as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, that is why it is not surprising that they are getting more excited about Starfield. These titles were greatly admired for its modding communities, immersive storytelling, and wide open worlds which provided players with the best gameplay experience for years. Since there are high expectations, Bethesda is pressured on providing us with a worthwhile space adventure.

Technical Problems

Every game has some flaws, including Starfield. During its release, some players are complaining about technical issues, from its performance to its graphical glitches. The good news is Bethesda has been persistent in addressing these problems by releasing patches. However, it would have been great if the game was polished before it was launched. Also, players should be aware of the best gaming VPN for console to keep them safe and protection while playing the game. Likewise, using a VPN is ideal if you are experiencing bandwidth throttling from your ISP.

Moreover, some players are criticizing the limited mod support of Starfield, when compared to the prior Bethesda titles, which has been the vital element of the modding community’s engagement.

Exploration and Immersion

One of the most important factors in an open-world game is the world itself and when it comes to Starfield, this refers to the universe. Bethesda promised players with an enormous creative star system that they can explore and it is filled with aliens, space stations, and different planets. In this aspect, Starfield successfully delivers. Ultimately, the universe provided in this game is so extensive and visually appealing. Players can enjoy visiting different planets and each of these planets have their own specific environments, challenges, flora, and fauna. Space travel is so massive and exploring the cosmos is breathtaking.

Furthermore, you can enjoy an enhanced immersion since the game focuses on the details, such as the genuine physics, a dynamic weather system, and complex ship customization. One of the highlights of your gaming experience would be the thrill of traveling with your spaceship and landing it on the world of alien species.

Excellent Storytelling and Quests

Let’s not forget that Bethesda is well-known for its ability of good storytelling prowess, and in Starfield, you can ensure that you will not be disappointed. The main storyline, which tackles an enigmatic organization known as the Constellation, is so appealing and filled with mysterious twists and turns. Additionally, players are allowed to explore multiple side quests and conflicting storylines to deepen the game’s lore and characters.

Nevertheless, some players are getting disappointed with the lack of thoughtful choices and the main storyline. While Bethesda games are highly recognized for their player agency and branching narratives, the story of Starfield seems to be more linear, as a result, some players are expecting more. 


Ultimately, whether Starfield lives up to the players’ expectations, it will greatly depend on what are those expectations. With a vast universe to explore, there is no denying that the game is visually stunning and very captivating. The storytelling, although it has some flaws, still represents the Bethesda hallmark of complicated narratives.

Unfortunately, the game has some problems, specifically in the technical department, which could obstruct the players’ enjoyment. Also, players who are anticipating an open-ended narrative will likely get disappointed with the linear nature of the story.

Indeed, Starfield would be an excellent addition to Bethesda Games Cataglog, however, it may not be as groundbreaking as what some players are anticipating. Just like any other games, the players’ experiences may differ. That is why, Starfield is something that you should try to know if it matches your preferences and expectations in gaming. Regardless of its response, there is no doubt that Starfield allowed players to embark on a captivating journey among the stars, and this is an accomplishment worth recognizing.


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