Demo Review: MARW – MARW (Self Released)

MARW was born in 2015 from disillusioned thought processes and committed to a few rough recordings left to haunt the outer edges of the internet. In 2017 prominent members of Liverpool’s metal scene encountered them and following contact, released a self-titled demo in early 2019.

Through smashed riffs, ruthless tone and subtle keyboard passages coupled with harsh screams in a near dark setting, MARW create atmospheric metal drawn from multiple influences.



Building up a strong sense of dread before unleashing salacious atmospheric noise on the foundations of black metal, MARW’s self titled demo does a fantastic job of telling us everything we need to know about this Mersyside band.

From the darkness covered atmospheres of A Very Human Exit and its inhuman guitar twangs. To the wild and uncompromising Y Gân Marw, a track that screams and roars its brutal intentions for all to hear and see. A mid-point drop into the void only serves to make the latter half even more savage sounding.

All before Propagation builds on that with a horror show of black metal riffing, deep atmospheric sounds and jaw-dropping vocals. An incredibly strong finish to an incredibly strong demo.

MARW – MARW Full Track Listing:

1. A Very Human Exit
2. Y Gân Marw
3. Propagation


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MARW - MARW (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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