Demo Review: The Gemini Curse – Transdimensional Monolithic Savagery (Self Released)

Hailing from New Mexico, The Gemini Curse released Transdimensional Monolithic Savagery, a Demo EP, on May 5th 2017.

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The Gemini Curse is a one-man metal project based in New Mexico. After spending years in various metal bands as a drummer and one failed record deal, I came to the conclusion that the only way to satisfy my musical pallet was to learn to play more than one instrument and to learn to produce and record my own music, music that I wanted to hear, thus the Gemini Curse was born.

After spending years developing and toying with different styles of metal I finally developed what I consider to be my sound and decided it was time to release an EP to see if anyone else would enjoy it. Shortly after releasing the EP ‘Transdimensional Monolithic Savagery’ on Bandcamp and Reverbnation within just a few days, the song ‘Left Me Black’ broke into the Reverbnation top 40 in the New Mexico charts, a small but significant accomplishment for one man in the middle of nowhere USA.

5 tracks long, Left Me Black comes roaring out of the gates with a sexy blend of old school thrash, death & groove metal. It’s got a rough edge to it (as you might expect) but it fits well with the intense riffs & hooks, of which this demo has in bucket loads.

It’s a killer opener song, a circle pit starter for sure.

Suburban Corpse is an odd one though, just under 4 minutes of oppressive ambience that never really goes anywhere unfortunately. What it does manage though is to make you picture dark dungeons where evil things lurk around. Where every shadow hides something nasty & death awaits around every corner.

The metal returns with the genre blending, Zealot Fuck. Giving off a bit of a nu-metal vibe in some of its vocal moments but still having it’s feet planted in a groove metal sound. It’s a punchy number that proves The Gemini Curse is way more than a one-trick band.

Things wrap up with the groovy rock swagger of, I Need You & Ghetto Bitch. The former has some really lovely hard rocking riffs, a seriously catchy number that ups the pace in the final moments leading to an awesome sounding guitar solo. While the latter is a very short mix of high-pitched voices, whistles & gunshots! Hardly a memorable finish but considering the quality found elsewhere it doesn’t matter.

The three songs; Let Me Black, Zealot Fuck & I Need You are three fantastic, different sounding metal tracks that bleeds groovy swagger. On this showing The Gemini Curse has a very bright future.

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The Gemini Curse – Transdimensional Monolithic Savagery Full Track Listing:

1. Left Me Black
2. Suburban Corpse
3. Zealot Fuck
4. I Need You
5. Ghetto Bitch

You can pick up Transdimensional Monolithic Savagery over on Bandcamp. You can find out more about The Gemini Curse on Instagram, ReverbNation & on Facebook here & here.

The Gemini Curse - Transdimensional Monolithic Savagery (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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