Game Review: Operation Dracula (Mobile)

Operation Dracula is an arcade-style shooter that can be best described as ‘bullet hell’. It’s bright, colourful & over the top with an old-school pixel art style & wild sounding soundtrack.

If you want your shoot-em-ups old school then look no further then Operation Dracula. The gameplay is action packed with more bullets flying across the screen then you can possibly imagine.

Operation Dracula 2

The game doesn’t even need a story but it has one. Dracula was defeated by 4 nations who split the Dracula Spear into 4 pieces. They kept one piece each as a sign of unity until one day, they all received a message. Bring their piece of the spear to receive riches beyond their wildest imaginations…

Operation Dracula 1

Players can choose one of three characters (with an additional one to unlock) & then it’s straight into the action. Controlling your spaceship is simple, it automatically fires so all you need to do is move the ship which can be done by swiping or holding your finger down & moving the ship around the screen.

As well as your standard firing you also have a special weapon that charges on a regular basis & a bomb meter that fills when you collect bomb items from destroyed enemies. The latter is an extremely powerful attack.

Operation Dracula 4

Enemies will drop many items such as health, power ups (to improve your ship) & extra score. You have a set number of lives & a set number of continues but the game does save starting from the second level if you do want to quit playing. The only drawback to that is you will lose a life.

Earning high scores will give you extra lives & extra continues to make things a bit easier which you will need because this game can be quite tough. The stream of enemies coming at you is non-stop & dodging attacking enemies is often near impossible.

Operation Dracula 5

It is fun though, a lot of fun especially when you come up against the huge bosses. The highlight of the game is doing battle with these screen filling monstrosities. If the aim was to make a fun, action packed & easy to play arcade shooter then consider Operation Dracula mission accomplished.

Operation Dracula
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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