Comic Book Review: Silent Hill – Paint it Black

Paint it Black is instantly in my good books thanks to the return of artist, Shaun Thomas who was responsible for Among the Damned, another Silent Hill comic. His art style is ultra-realistic and very graphic, I’m a big fan.

Add in the writing of Scott Ciencin (Among the Damned, Dying Inside) and it’s easy to see why Paint it Black is one of the strongest Silent Hill comics yet.

Telling the story of Ike Isaacs, a painter with serious artists block. He finds out about Silent Hill from a survivor who managed to escape the town. Hearing about the creatures and layout, Ike realises that it might be the perfect place for him to be inspired.

Ike, once in the town, loves what he finds and the monsters don’t attack him, leaving him to paint what he sees. Ike has found his muse but now he can’t leave and he is forced to watch any & all who arrive end up dead.

His way of live though is interrupted by the arrival of a cheer-leading squad who have arrived to find their missing friends. The girls, led by Cheryl are literal bad-asses and are able to fight off the monsters before taking refuge with Ike. There things get a bit strange as they ‘girly’ up his surroundings before heading out to find some of their missing squad.

With little hope left, Ike agrees to help them.

Paint it Black is an awesome read with fantastic art that brings the monsters and characters to life. Silent Hill is a dark and decrepit place and that comes across on the pages. The story is interesting and the sudden arrival of the cheer-leading squad mixes things up nicely even if the sudden splash of colour doesn’t quite fit.

The ending is brilliantly done too, a Silent Hill ending that fits the world Ike created with his paintings.


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Silent Hill - Paint it Black
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