Christmas Horror Movie Review: Stuffings (2021)

Stuffings is an Australian low-budget festive comedy horror written and directed by Mathew J. Wilkinson. It stars Kathleen Halligan, Daniel Moody and Isabella Robinson.

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Everything about Stuffings screams trash but in an unexpected turn, what we have here is an enjoyable, amusing and original idea to enjoy this Christmas. You won’t be blown away by the effects, acting or story but you will be entertained.

Have you seen The Bec and Andy show? Probably not as it only exists in this movie. However, you’ve seen a thousand vlogs and channels like theirs. The self-obsessed social media generation that thinks the world wants to see their lives, regardless of how mundane it is. All while being obnoxious, unoriginal and uninteresting. It should be a recipe for the failure but this is the internet in 2021, so young couple Bec (Kathleen Halligan) and Andy (Daniel Moody) have become internet stars.

The former is getting sick of the constant lack of privacy, whereas the latter is so deep down the rabbit hole of stats, viewing figures, likes and follows, that he might run into Alice. Rather than talk about the current issues though, the pair have decided to camp out in the Adelaide Hills on Christmas Eve to document their experience.

Nearby to where they are, is a small community that hides a dark secret. One involving a tradition designed to protect Christmas Day itself. Has it got something to do with the garish, stuffed Santa Claus figures that surround the landscape? Will Andy be able to turn the camera off long enough to notice his relationship with Bec is falling apart?

The story is quite original and makes up for the lack of Christmas visuals with a plot directly related to saving the 25th of December. That being said, it’s not always the best told story with some important, finer details only being added in right at the end. There’s creating a sense of mystery but the film pushes that too far when it had the perfect time to explain itself fully. Instead, one character just knows what is going to happen right at the very end, leaving us scratching our heads.

It’s annoying but forgivable thanks to the silly ideas around it and the way in which most of the characters buy into it. Good stuff from a good cast, aside from one or two (we won’t tell you who but you’ll know once you hear them). You’ll love Bec and Andy, the former’s level-headed and relatable views make her endearing. Whereas the latter is a hilarious but lovable idiot. They have great chemistry and keep the movie ticking along nicely.

Gorehounds don’t have lots to enjoy here but when it comes, it comes in comical fashion. Who cares if it looks like jam? It’s just part of the film’s charm and at a tight 79 minutes, it really doesn’t overstay its welcome.


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Stuffings (2021)
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