Album Review: Cold Colours – Northernmost (Self Released)

Long running Minnesota Death/Doom band Cold Colours celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2019 with the February 22 release of fifth full-length album Northernmost.

Vocalist/guitarist Brian J. Huebner had this to say about the band’s milestone:

“If 20 years has taught me anything, it’s that you have to believe in what you are doing. No matter how many roadblocks you hit over two decades. I am thrilled that we have ‘Northernmost’ to celebrate 20 years. Our best album so far? Without question, but more importantly, the best representation of who we are and should be. This album is a testament to the chemistry of the band in 2019.”

Northernmost 2

You don’t reach 20 years without having some semblance of talent so if this is your first experience with Cold Colours you can be confident you’re going to hear something good. Which is exactly what Northernmost is, in fact it’s better then good…it’s great.

Death infused doom is nothing new but Cold Colours lean towards a cleaner, guitar rhythm driven sound. Something that makes them stand out a little from the crowd and makes things feel that little bit brighter.

You only have to hear the groovier guitar riffs of Nightmare to understand what I mean. Whereas A Life Forlorn and its focus on a more sombre circling style with moments of intensity will meet your doom needs and then some.

The higher tempo injections are what really push Northernmost to a higher level of quality. This Pain, Spirit, Terminal Winter and Heathen lay out some of the finest body shaking doom while morose and uncomfortable vocals howl like the wind. Even when going for a more subtle approach (as found on Terminal Winter) it still haunts…but in a good way. In a way that makes you want to keep on listening.

It’s not all about the heavy though. Intertwining the album are the title tracks numbered I to IV and each is a short strumming/plucking melodies. Clearly designed to offer a break from the harder and heavier tracks. I might not be needed but it provides brief respite that certainly doesn’t do any harm.

We wrap up with the controlled chaos of The Parting, Cold Colours at their most intense and The Pale Heart, Cold Colours at their most vibrant. It’s a really good release that isn’t held back by the doom moniker while also not delving too deep into death either. It’s got far more groove then you might expect.

Northernmost 1

Cold Colours – Northernmost Full Track Listing:

1. Northernmost I
2. Nightmare
3. A Life Forlorn
4. Northernmost II
5. From This Pain
6. Spirit
7. Northernmost III
8. Terminal Winter
9. Heathen
10. Northernmost IV
11. The Parting
12. The Pale Heart



The album can be ordered now over on Bandcamp while even more information can be gained by checking out Cold Colours’ Facebook Page and Instagram.

Cold Colours - Northernmost (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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