Bloodstock 2021 Band Feature: Ward XVI

Ward XVI are one of the hottest bands on the UK scene and are coming off the back of one of 2020’s hottest albums. Unable to capitalise on that album’s success because of ‘you know what’, the group are promising to turn Bloodstock 2021 into their own twisted playground when they hit the stage on the first day of the festival.

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Whittingham Asylum. A home for the freaks and outcasts, oddballs and inbreds – all are welcome. Explore the halls and revel in the horror but stay away from where the most mentally deranged reside. The place known as Ward XVI.

In there, you’ll find the UK’s most brutal and bloody serial killer; Psychoberrie. Listen as she spins a haunting tale of depravity and manipulation. The first of these confessions came in 2017 with the group’s 16 track concept album ‘The Art of Manipulation’. An album that immediately put the band on the map and saw countless people watching in horror as Psychoberrie executed her prey live on stage.

Joined by fellow inmates Doktor Von Stottenstein (Guitars/ Vocals) Wolfy Huntsman (Bass/ Vocals), Martt Attack (Keyboards) and Bam Bam Bedlam (Drums), Psychoberrie slaughtered up and down the land leading to a coveted spot on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock in 2017. Earned by battling through the regional stages and final of the Metal 2 The Masses competition.

Since then, the Ward XVI inmates have toured all over the country and made appearances at many, many festivals. Leading to the next chapter of Psychoberrie’s confessional called ‘Metamorphosis’ which was released was released in September of 2020.

If ‘The Art of Manipulation’ put Ward XVI on the map, this album made everyone who heard it, sit up and really start paying attention. Receiving critical acclaim and awards, and appearing in many top 10 polls of best album of 2020. We agreed that it was a phenomenal release and gave it 9/10 which you can read here.

The pandemic halted Ward XVI’s progress but they didn’t stay quiet. The inmates kept busy, posting online acoustic sessions, which were then released as the EP ‘Unplugged and Sedated’, due to the overwhelming demand in December 2020.

Now, as the gates of the asylum slowly creak back open, plans are afoot. Not just the promise of something truly insane at Bloodstock but for the delayed album launch show that is now set for Saturday, 18th December 2021 at Manchester Academy. The inmates will also be appearing in main-stage festival slots throughout 2021/22 including Hammerfest, Hard Rock Hell XIV and a headline slot alongside Acid Reign and Senser at the first ever Tanking Open Air Festival.

Do you dare fall victim? Hear the words of the inmates of Ward XVI yourself below and make sure to become a victim on the Sophie Lancaster Stage on the 11th.

The Inmates of Ward XVI have had a special bond with Bloodstock Open Air Festival ever since a very early Saturday morning performance in 2017 gained them notoriety throughout the underground community.

When the dust settled following the events of that morning, Psychoberrie’s eyes were widened by the scale of carnage that she had orchestrated, and became obsessively fixated on returning to the hallowed fields of Catton Park to finish what she had started all those years ago and to fulfil her sordid ambition of welcoming the fans of Bloodstock into her Asylum-our show on the Sophie Lancaster Stage will not only be the first time that tracks from the new album will be heard live, but will also be accompanied by the most ambitious and over the top theatrical stage show that we have ever dared to do… you’d be insane to miss it!


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