Bloodstock 2021 Band Feature: This is Endless

The Newblood Stage isn’t going to know what hit it come Sunday the 15th August 2021 as the old school devils that is This is Endless arrive to play.

Made up of London’s death metal and hardcore scene, This is Endless channel the inner hell of the unwanted and tortured souls that are vanquished into the universe turning this in to some of the most negative songs the world has ever heard.

Active since 2016, the group put out an EP (Inherit the Sin) that year but it was 2020’s full-length debut that really got the death metal world’s attention. Called ‘Formations of a World Below’, it turned out to be a beastly listen.

We fell in love with it. Seeing This is Endless as combining the best of death metal worlds. The old and the new, featured and melded to their needs. A non-stop and nonchalant assault by a band capable of dishing out such an intense battering.

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Seriously… imagine the biggest pit and the sweatiest show you can. Chances are the band responsible for its creation is This is Endless.

You can read our review of the full album here. We also had a chat with Luca and Solomon almost a year to the day that they will be playing Bloodstock. Have a read of  that interview here.

It’s going to be carnage. This is Endless wouldn’t have it any other way and to prove that point, they had this to say about what fans can expect from their set:

We want to get personal with the audience we want to get up close, so close its unsociable, it’s uncomfortable we wanna press our faces up against that of the festival goer until our music is inside your nostrils.

We can’t fucking wait.


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