Bloodstock 2021 Band Feature: The Crawling

Formed in 2014 in the Lisburn, Northern Ireland, The Crawling are can be best described as doom/death band. One that has stayed consistent and active since their inception.

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Dropping into the scene with 2015’s Choking on Concrete single, it was the In Light of Dark Days EP later that year that really started to turn heads. The Crawling were just getting started though and in April 2017, they released their debut full-length album ‘Anatomy of Loss’.

An album that we absolutely loved calling it an album full of absolute belters. Variety in bucket-loads, where upbeat melodies mixed with dirty doom heaviness, death savagery and clean groove.



This was a successful release for The Crawling and they even released five music videos from it.

About 18 months later, The Crawling were back with a follow-up called ‘Wolves and the Hideous White’. Another excellent release from this band that we called:

A crushing blend of doom and death, Wolves and the Hideous White is a beast of an album even if it is only 6 tracks long. That is more than enough time for The Crawling to bust skulls open and pour in their fury.

Of course, alongside all of this, the band established themselves on the stage. Appearing at the likes of Inferno Metal Festival (Norway), Bloodstock Open Air (UK), Seige of Limerick (IRE), Metal Days (SLO), Shellshockfest (Malta), Uprising (UK), Incinerationfest (UK), Mammothfest (UK) and Full Metal Mensa (GER).

It’s going to epic at Bloodstock 2021. The Crawling are one of many bands that cut their Bloodstock teeth on the New Blood Stage (2016) and have now been invited back onto a bigger stage.

You better check them out when they hit the Sophie Lancaster stage on the Thursday of the festival. Need any more convincing? Let the band explain:

We are delighted to be returning to Bloodstock. We first played in 2016 on The New Blood Stage, and to be asked to come back and play The Sophie Lancaster Stage was just fantastic! This will be our first show since the break of the pandemic, and what a way to get back into it. We’ve tailored a 45 min set made up of our latest single, new material, and fan favourites spanning all our releases to date. This is a once in a lifetime performance for us, so we’ve also a few surprises in store – do not miss our set!


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