Bloodstock 2021 Band Feature: Ashen Crown

If there’s going to be one band at Bloodstock 2021 guaranteed to have one of the biggest pits going, it is Birmingham’s Ashen Crown. It is going to be downright dangerous.

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Formed in late 2016, Ashen Crown lean towards death metal but draw a ton of influences from many of metal’s sub-genres. Influences range from Bolt Thrower to At the Gates, Benediction, Slayer, Obituary and early 90’s Sepultura.

After getting some material together, Ashen Crown took off like a rocket on the stage. Entering the 2017 Wolverhampton Metal to the Masses and winning the damn thing. This got them on the bill of Bloodstock that same year, where famously, they played to a packed-out New Blood tent and left the crowds floored.

Mention Ashen Crown to anyone familiar with the UK metal scene and chances are, they’ll know who you’re talking about. That reputation has led to them supporting the likes of King Parrot, Memoriam and Obituary. As well having a string of very successful headline shows and appearing at festivals like Hammerfest, Uprising, HRH Metal Meltdown, Manor-Fest and Amplified.

They made us wait, but in 2019, they finally released their debut album `Obsolescence`. An album that we described as:

A special album by a special band, the extreme metal of it all offset by a modern level of groove and technicality. It’s neither one thing or the other, instead drawing from a myriad of styles and influences to deliver a belter of a record.



Of course, like so many bands, Ashen Crown’s long-term plans were thrown into disarray as the COVID pandemic took hold. Though, Ashen Crown certainly didn’t sit back and wait it out, as anyone who follows them on social media will know.

Which brings us to Bloodstock 2021 when Ashen Crown set out to create the weekend’s biggest circle pit. Want to be part of it? Get your arse over to the Sophie Lancaster stage on the Thursday of the festival. It is going to take off but don’t listen to us, listen to them:

Since our hugely successful appearance on the new blood in 2017, we have been itching to level up and play the coveted Sophie Lancaster Stage, so this like a dream come true. We don’t have gimmicks or theatrics, just an aggressive intense set of brutal tunes for people to lose their shit to. It’s all about riffs and pits anyway right?


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