Bloodstock 2019 – Band Feature/Interview: Black Shuck

Bloodstock Open Air 2019 is nearly upon us and to say we’re excited is an understatement. We adore the festival and this year’s line-up is simply phenomenal. From the Ronnie James Dio Main Stage to the Sophie Lancaster Stage to the New Blood and Jägermeister Stages, there is something for everyone! Not got your tickets yet!? What are you waiting for!? Head over to the Bloodstock Festival website here and join thousands of like-minded head-bangers for a weekend of quality rock and metal.

An eclectic mix of many different styles of metal and rock, Black Shuck hail from the west of Ireland, with a groovy, heavy, sound and a chaotic stage show. They are looking forward to seeing you in the pit.

They will be playing the Jägermeister Stage on Saturday the 10th August 2019.


1. Congratulations on being added to the Bloodstock 2019 bill. A big deal, right?

Huge! We’re still kinda reeling from it, biggest thing that’s happened to us yet, we cannot wait to get up there and do our thing!

2. Have you ever been to the festival before?

Unfortunately not all of us, but our bassist has played it with his pervious band Na Cruithne.

4. You’re on the Jagermeister Stage. What can Bloodstockers expect from your set?

Jokes, metal, and complete chaos… We enjoy playing live, I know that sounds kinda obvious, but generally we’re barely standing when we finish, we give it everything.

5. Are you there all weekend? If so who are you most looking forward to checking out yourself?

Has to to be Scorpions, and Dee Snider, Anthrax, Ten Ton Slug and AeSect obviously! (gotta see the homegrown 😉 )

6. What does the rest of 2019 look like for Black Shuck? Shows? Releases?

We’ll be concentrating on new material, a new E. P. and planning a few shows in 2020!


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