Bloodstock 2018 – Feature/Interview: Orden Ogan

Excited for Bloodstock Festival yet? You should be. It is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet with a line up that spans all genres of rock and metal. Still need a little more convincing? Well, check out our 5 reasons to go to Bloodstock and let’s see if we can persuade you.

One of the best bands you are going to see on that wonderful weekend are German power metal masters, Orden Ogan. I genuinely think they should be higher up on the bill, very near the top. These guys play an exciting brand of power metal with big symphonic backing and blazing guitars. Their most recent album was called Gunmen. It came out in July 2017 and you can read our thoughts on it here. While I didn’t love it, I really liked most of it. It was really when I went to see them Live that I started to appreciate how good these guys are. You can read about that live show here.

Orden Ogan are Sebastian Levermann on guitars and vocals, Tobi on guitars, Niels Löffler on the bass and Dirk Meyer-Berhorn on the drums. Expect big, catchy anthem like choruses, insane guitar solos and neck breaking rhythm sections too from a band who are sure to impress, even in the little time they will have on the Ronnie James Dio stage.

Orden Ogan

Find out more about Orden Ogan at their website, on Facebook and Twitter.

Sebastian (Seeb) Levermann, the charismatic front man, singer and lead guitarist of the band kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us here at GBHBL.

How does it feel to be invited to play the main stage at Bloodstock Festival?

It’s great. We always loved to play the UK because the fans are great and we always had a great time. Though Orden Ogan was in the UK several time since around 2012 Bloodstock is the first major festival that we will play here and we are stoked about it. Everyone seems to be loving the festival so we are really looking forward to be there.

Do you plan to be at the festival for the weekend? If so, what bands are you looking forward to seeing?

We would have loved to stay on the festival but this summer is very busy for us. We’ll play “into the grave” in Netherlands the night before and “Alcatraz” in Belgium the day after Bloodstock, so we’re basically just flying in, play and go back, which is a pity (…and a lot of stress, haha…)
Would have loved to see Priest of course!!

What can fans expect from you at a live show? If they don’t know you, why should they come and check you out?

Orden Ogan represent the dark side of power metal with melancholic melodies and a lot of really heavy riffs and that’s a pretty unique combination. Still – we love what we do and enjoy every show and you will see that in our faces. ORDEN OGAN show are a big party for the band and the audience alike.  So for everyone who wants to have a good time it’s worth checking it out.

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Looking at your schedule, you have a busy summer ahead of you with festivals all over Europe planned. Not all bands enjoy playing at festivals. Is it something you enjoy or do you prefer your own tours in smaller indoor venues?

We LOVE summer festival. Really. It’s the same for us as it is for the people who attend a festival to have a good time. It’s the same feeling… Summer, Sun, Friends and Beer, haha. We’re just on the other side of the barrier and play to music we love to people that want to listen to it. Life couldn’t be any better.
“Not all bands enjoy festivals” – yes, I read statements like that as well. That’s a stupid thing to say. Nobody forces them to play festivals. They should stay home if it’s such a big deal, haha…

Orden Ogan

We are big fans of the band and love the latest release Gunmen. It will be just over a year old when Bloodstock takes place. Any plans for new music soon?

We will start song writing in the end of 2018 and start recording as soon as we have enough great material. We do this because we love to do this, not because we have to. So, we’re not putting any pressure on ourselves. The record will be ready when it’s ready…