Bloodstock 2018 – Band Feature/Interview: Vulgore

This year’s Bloodstock Festival is shaping up to be one of the best ever with a line-up that spans all genres of rock and metal. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, what are you waiting for!? Check out our five reasons why you should go there.

Hailing from the English midlands industry town, Stoke-on-Trent, Vulgore are a loud and heavy combo of groove-laden melodic death metal and much more!

Vulgore only formed in late 2017 but they’ve already released their first single, called Scapegoat and now an incredible debut EP, called Bliss. You can read our review of that EP here. If that isn’t impressive enough, how about the fact that their debut live performance saw them victorious in their heat of Bloodstocks ‘Metal to the Masses’ competition in Stoke thus securing a place in the Final!

Hitting up the New Blood Stage on Friday, Vulgore are a band not to be missed!


Check them out over on Facebook and listen to the new EP, Bliss below!


1. Tell us about your journey in this year’s Metal to the Masses competition.

This year was our first Metal to the Masses, and the first to be held in Stoke-on-Trent. Vulgore’s performance at the heat was actually the bands first live performance, and a massive moment for all of us. For us to manage to go all the way in our first competition and to earn the opportunity to play Bloodstock 2018 within our first year together is unreal! Stoke did lack the number of rounds typically seen in other regions, but the bands involved brought the fire and turned the heat way up and showed what the Potteries can really do with heavy music. In honesty, It still doesn’t feel real yet, It was hard, hot and sweaty, But what an experience.

2. Your debut EP is coming out soon. Tell us a bit about it.

The E.P. is called ‘Bliss’. Its, dark, its heavy, but there’s a few surprises thrown in there too. We think that it really gives you a sense of what to expect from Vulgore. There’s quite a bit of diversity in the way we approached each track, and it shows through the music. We absolutely love what we have managed to create and we are looking forward to sharing it with the world. Bliss is due out Friday 22nd of June on all major digital outlets.

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3. What are your thoughts on playing the festival? Have you ever been there before?

Playing Bloodstock is huge for us. It’s such a massive part of British metal culture that’s presented the masses with countless iconic bands through the years. Were proud to say that we’ll be playing a part in that history. For some of us it will be our first time at the festival, in any capacity, and what a way to experience it for the first time.

4. Are you going to be around the festival all weekend? If so who are you excited to see?

We’ll be sticking around, You’ve got to with a line up like that. So many killer bands are on the line-up but I think the one that intrigues the most is Alien Weaponry. Such an interesting and full sound, and such a young age. Age shouldn’t matter, but I know I was nowhere near that level in my teens. I’ll definitely be watching these lads from New Zealand, who knows when well see them next? That’s what’s so special about Bloodstock.

5. What’s next for Vulgore?

We’re hoping to make some music videos soon, get on the road and play some more shows and promote ‘Bliss’. We aim to have some merchandise available soon as well, but our main focus will making sure we bring everything we have for Bloodstock and utilise our opportunity. After that, who knows? Another E.P? A full length album? I suppose we need to see how Bliss does first.