Bloodstock 2018 – Band Feature/Interview: Turbyne

This year’s Bloodstock Festival is shaping up to be one of the best ever with a line-up that spans all genres of rock and metal. If you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, what are you waiting for!? Check out our five reasons why you should go there.

Turbyne are a metal band, currently based in Dumfries, Scotland. Since forming their current line up, they have crafted a diverse and intense sound, capable of reducing an entire planet to ash! Drawing influence from both heavy and progressive musical styles, and always taking metal to strange and scary new places. Currently writing, performing and recording their original material, Turbyne’s quest for total global domination continues on as strong as ever!

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Playing as part of the New Blood Stage on Friday, their set promises to be one of the most exciting of the weekend. Why not check out their debut album, Origins and Endings below via Bandcamp!?




1. Tell us about your journey in this year’s Metal to the Masses competition.

We had entered into The Metal to the Masses competitions this year as well the previous couple of years in hope to get Turbyne to BOA. We were lucky enough to go far each time but weren’t successful in the end. We entered into the Carlisle M2TM this year alongside really strong, talented acts. The shows were great and gave us a good chance to try different ideas in our set and stage craft. Despite not being the victors of this year’s Carlisle M2TM, we were so pleased to be invited to play the New Blood Stage. We gave it everything we had every single time we played and this is a huge chance for us that we intend to make the most of.

Metal 2 The Masses 1

2. What are your thoughts on playing the festival? Have you ever been there before?

BOA is something we’ve had in our sights for a long time. Having spoken to previous M2TM winners, we were all the more determined to get there ourselves as performers. A couple of us have went as attendees in the past. It’s a great festival that brings together a large, diverse selection of bands and their fans. For us, finding festivals that welcome our style of music can be difficult. So we are grateful for the chance.

3. Is there an album or EP in the works?

We’re currently working towards our second full length album. Our first album was released 2015 which we are really proud of. Since then we’ve written a lot of new material that we’re really excited about. We want the second album to be the best it possibly can be, so it’s going to take time, but we’ll get there.

4. Are you going to be around the festival all weekend? If so who are you excited to see?

We’ll absolutely be staying for the weekend. There’s so many to choose from. We’ll have to make a schedule! Certainly Gojira, Mr Big and Judas Priest will be high on the list. I’m also looking forward to the acts playing the New Blood Stage and seeing the result of the nationwide M2TM competitions. It’s great to see what up and coming bands (like ourselves) are doing.

5. What’s next for Turbyne?

After BOA, we’ve got some gigs coming up before the end of the year. As well as that we’ll be preparing for the second album, so there will be plenty of time in the rehearsal space practising and composing. After that is done, we’ll be getting out and gigging as much as possible. Hopefully we’ll get to some places Turbyne have yet to play, and gain some new fans along the way.