Album Review: Indus Valley Kings – Indus Valley Kings (Self Released)

Indus Valley Kings are a dark, heavy, high-energy stoner fuzz metal trio from Long Island, NY. Their self-titled album was released on January 22nd 2021.



What we have here is something quite different in the stoner rock/metal world. Something that is far more layered than the initial description suggests. Indus Valley Kings don’t just play stoner fuzz. No, they infuse their groovy and moody sound with grunge, doom and blues. All with an exciting and delicious grubbiness. The more it goes on, the more times you listen, the more is unearthed.

…and there is no doubt that digging for gold is worth it here as this album is brimming with it. The fuzzy groove of guitars, the clean ethereal vocals, the punchy percussion that shores everything up… stoner fans are going to love this.

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No two songs sound the same and everyone will have their own favourite. Maybe the complexities of Cactus People with its soloing. The Method with its doomier edge and with an even more intense solo. Devil’s methodical and dark pace or Scapegoat’s infectious riff work. So much choice, so much excellent music.

Don’t sleep on this one. Indus Valley Kings might be flying under the radar right now but once more people become aware of their quality, they’re sure to blow up.

Indus Valley Kings – Indus Valley Kings Full Track Listing:

1. Angels
2. Cactus People
3. The Method
4. Remains of Yesterday
5. Devil
6. Phoenix
7. Scapegoat
8. Rest in Waste
9. 1000 Wicked Souls


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Indus Valley Kings - Indus Valley Kings (Self Released)
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