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Games, Brrraaains and A Head-Banging Life are very pleased to being you an interview with minimal miserabilism band, Tor. Their new album, Too Happy will be released on May 25th 2018 and you can read our review here.

Tor Interview 2

1. Tell us a little about Tor’s origins.

The members of Tor have been playing together in various guises – based around the Tunbridge Wells independent venue, The Forum – for around 15 years. The band itself was properly formed about 6 years ago, working towards a new sound that sat between each member’s own style from previous bands.

2. What themes are behind the new album?

Minimal Miserabilism is the theme for all our recordings, but the album came out of a decision to take a step back and embrace the space. The grooves and riffs are hopefully a pay-off for all the gloom. As such, we had to leave out a few tracks because they had too much of a rhythm and groove.


3. Minimal miserabilism is the term used to describe your sound. Is that accurate and how do you get that across?

As accurate as any, I suppose. It’s like driving music, with the handbrake on.

4. Has the rise of streaming services and YouTube helped or hindered you as a band?

In a way, the fact that as a band we’ve probably been able to listen to more new music and learnt more because of streaming services has helped us. But as a band that met at live gigs, worked at the same venue, and found our sound from playing countless gigs over the years, we’re firm believers in live music – something that has arguably struggled since internet music…

5. Games, Brrraaains (Horror) or Head-Banging? What is your poison and why?

We’re probably on the fence between Games and Head-Banging. Our drummer would argue for the gaming to the end of his days, but he’s not here….so head-banging it is.

6. What comes next for Tor?

More gigs. We’ve got a few unreleased tracks that have a different style to them, which we’re thinking about working on for a bit of a change. Time will tell…

You can order the album via Truthseeker Music here and via Tor’s Bandcamp here. Find out more and keep up to date with news via Facebook and Twitter.

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