Band Interview: Skybrudd

Norwegian metal band, Skybrudd can best be described as a melting pot where doom, sludge, black metal and all that is dark and malevolent is merged into a massive, heavy and dark matter. Fitting considering their name is derived from the weather phenomenon known as cloudburst where extreme amounts of precipitation appear without warning over a short period, often leading to floods and destruction.In 2015 the band released their first EP, and has since then worked hard to finish writing their full-length debut album. This is now finally going to see its release on May 10th 2019.

You can read our review of the album here and hear two tracks from the album on our latest podcast episode here. We’re very pleased to bring you an interview with the band now.

Skybrudd 2
Bloodstock 2018
1. This album has been a long time coming. How are you feeling about its impending release?

We have been working on this album for quite some time now, and it feels really good to have it all set for a release. We hope, of course, that the public like our style of music. Considering the resources, we’ve had; we’re very excited about this release, and proud of the outcome.

2. What themes, if any, are behind the album? Inspirations?

There is a recurring theme in the album. However, I will not say that it is a concept album. The lyrics are about psychological issues transformed into some sort of creature. We like the lyrics to be interpreted subjectively to fit the listeners own desires. But I can mention what my intentions were when I wrote them.

Vile Redeemer – the first track and our first release of the album – is about suicide. How the suicidal thoughts appear as a physical creature – a witch – who lures the person into darkness.

The Will of God is about whether or not the way we live our lives today reflect God’s wishes. The lyrics are about war, and simultaneously critical to the existence of a “God”. A quote from the lyrics: “Why won’t you realize that your faith brings death? You slaughter and kill, and you say those words. Is this God’s will?”

Individ 808 is a song in three parts where the first part is an instrumental. The theme of the songs is that the evil every person inherit is brought to life – again as a physical creature – named Individ 808 (or Individual 808 if you wish). How this evil takes over a person, how it feels and what it does to you.

Nøkken is the first track with Norwegian lyrics. Nøkken is an old folk tale in Norway about a sea creature that lures children into the water and drowns them.

Skybrudd is the final track of the album, and is also in Norwegian. The word Skybrudd derives from the Norwegian word for the weather phenomenon “sky burst”. The lyrics are about the inevitable doom, when hells gates open, and death rides the land.

Skybrudd 1

3. Do you feel any expectation considering Norway has produced some of metal’s best heavy bands?

There’s always the expectation that you, sort of, have to be the best. And, coming from Norway doesn’t really help that way of thought. However, we try to make the best we can. We don’t want to be “just another black metal band”. Personally, I find our music very hard to define into a specific genre. We take inspirations from a lot of different bands and music styles, and do what we can to make the content as original as possible. Instead of adding to what already exist we want to bring something new to the table.

4. How much has the world of streaming and YouTube affected you as band? Positive or negative?

Honestly, I’m not really sure! I mean, streaming and YouTube helps a lot with connecting to other parts of the world, but it haven’t given us any favours as of yet.

5. What’s the plan after the album release? Tours?

After the album release we’re hoping for a tour, yeah. We are currently in the booking process for a UK tour this coming summer, so we hope that’ll work out. Other than that we have been booked to a festival in Norway in September, and have plans for tour in Norway as well. Better cross our fingers, and hope all our plans get sorted out. We also have started working on material for our 2nd album.

The album will be available via all major streaming services including Spotify. Find out more about Skybrudd via their Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube. Check out their full Bloodstock 2018 performance below.