Band Interview: Panic State

Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are pleased to bring you an interview with alternative rock band, Panic State!

1. How did you get started as a band?

Scott and Daniel both started playing their instruments to avoid having to sing in front of their class instead. Had that not happened, both of them would probably still be haunted by our vocal performance, vowing to never sing or touch a musical instrument ever again.

Tom has quite a musical family, most people play an instrument of some sort. He began piano lessons when he was six, then at secondary school he picked up guitar and taught himself how to play. If he hadn’t done anything with music, he’d probably be sitting at home, wallowing in a pit of self-pity, maybe working in a pub to pay off the tabs he runs up.

2. How would you describe your sound?

Loud, Energetic and fun!

3. What bands/artists would you say have influenced your style of music?

In recent times we’ve been heavily inspired by some of the pop/rock tracks on one of our favourite games FIFA! It’s definitely rubbing off on us because one of the reviews for our new song ‘Turn Around’ mentioned how well it would fit in a sports video game!

4. Has the rise of YouTube & music streaming helped or hindered you as a band?

For us it’s been so helpful. We’ve been able to get a global reach on our music as well as being able to share our music at no extra cost to anyone all around the country. If streaming didn’t exist I don’t think our social media following would even be a quarter of what it is.

Of course it means that we don’t have CD revenue coming in to pay for studio time, but when you’re a small upcoming band, getting people listening and engaged is the number one priority.

5. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not making music?

Sleeping, and worrying about if the music we just made was good enough.

6. What are your future plans musically? Tours?

We planned to do a UK tour where we travel to each gig by hot air balloon, which of course we haven’t been able to do this year. We’re hoping to make 2021 the year of the Hot Air Tour!


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