Band Interview: Kosmogyr Talk About Eviternally: The Remixes

We’re very pleased to bring you a second interview with black metal duo, Kosmogyr. This time regarding their upcoming release, Eviternally: The Remixes as well as what they’ve been up to since the release of the debut album.

You can read our original interview with the band here, our review of their debut record, Eviternity here and our review of Eviternally: The Remixes here.

Eviternally 2

1. Hi guys! Awesome to have you back! Tell us about Eviternally: The Remixes.

Thanks! In short, it’s a compilation of remixes for the tracks from our previous record. We collaborated with nine different producers from a bunch of different places, each of whom contributed a remix, and what we have here is the result.

2. What made you want to do a remix of Eviternity?

This is something I’ve done twice before with my previous band, The Machinery of Other Skeletons. I got the idea during an interview I was conducting with Heatwolves, a DJ in Shanghai. He’d mentioned the idea as a way for the city’s metal bands and electronic music producers to collab on something, and I knew immediately that it’d be something I’d want to do.

Every time, I’ve been blown away by the results. It’s such a cool way to include someone else in your work, and something you don’t see too often with metal. We’re so privileged to have had the opportunity to put our music into the hands of these talented artists.



3. Is there a particular track that you would call your favourite of the nine?

There really isn’t. All nine producers have delivered home runs.

4. How have you found the reception to Eviternity? We’re very pleased to say that two of the tracks are in our ‘best of the year’ playlist!

Wow! That’s a huge honor, thanks Carl! To answer your question, I’m very pleased, especially considering it’s a debut album from a brand-new band who can’t play shows. Not being able to tour deprives us of a very important avenue of human connection when it comes to cultivating a fan base, but in spite of that, it forces us to allow our music to speak for itself. I decided against hiring a PR agent for the record, and still, we did pretty decently in terms of coverage, so I can’t complain.



5. What’s next for Kosmogyr?

We’ve officially begun work on new music! Still quite early on, but the wheels are a-spinning.


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