Album Review: Kosmogyr – Eviternally: The Remixes (Self Released)

Eviternity was the debut album from Prague/Shanghai black metal band, Kosmogyr released at the beginning of March 2018. An incredible effort, you can read our review here. You can also read our interview with Kosmogyr here.

In exciting news, the band have collaborated with nine producers around the world, and the result is Eviternally: The Remixes. It will be released on July 13th 2018.

Eviternally 1

A fascinating idea by the black metal duo happily pays off as the strength that Eviternity has isn’t lost within these remixed songs. The original album was a modern black metal classic and the beauty that dripped through the savageness is on show here.

The haunted sounds of Vision/Sui Generis/Refulgence (Nahash Ambient Mash-Up) rings out leaving you feeling cold and isolated. The Wane’s mysteriousness ambience develops into an electronica beat with howls of darkness in the background. Then there is the Eviternity highlight, Quiescent and the Equinox7 remix which underlays a fast-paced rhythm with haunting melody.

It’s not what you’d expect but that is no bad thing, it’s experimental as hell. Each track sounds different and the influence of the wide array of producers makes for a constantly fascinating listen even if it’s not your jam.

Eviternity (Dazed Marrow Remix) leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling as it keeps its threat low and deep, Iridescent (Swimful Remix) is gorgeously haunting and melodic and Thalassic Lunacy (Grimbit Remix) gets under the skin as it builds and builds with electronica and dark tension.

Only on occasion does it swing and miss with Frailty (King Necro Doom & Bass Remix) failing to light a fire under things and Vision (MIIIA Breaks Remix)’s tappy beat irritating after a while. A few missteps on an otherwise adventurous release that can be seen as great accompaniment to the original album.

Eviternally 2

Kosmogyr – Eviternally: The Remixes Full Track Listing:

1. Vision/Sui Generis/Refulgence (Nahash Ambient Mash-Up)
2. The Wane (Noise Arcade Remix)
3. Quiescent (Equinox7 Remix)
4. Eviternity (Dazed Marrow Remix)
5. Frailty (King Necro Doom & Bass Remix)
6. Iridescent (Swimful Remix)
7. Vision (MIIIA Breaks Remix)
8. Vision (DJ Caution Remix)
9. Thalassic Lunacy (Grimbit Remix)



You can order the album now via Bandcamp & find out more about Kosmogyr on Facebook and Twitter.


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Kosmogyr - Eviternally: The Remixes (Self Released)
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