Album Review: Zohamah – Spreading My Ashes (Redefining Darkness Records)

Hailing from one of the more unlikely spots for metal, Israel’s Zohamah have created a very unique an interesting combination of Black/Death/Doom unlike you’ve ever heard. It is powerful, dark, and moving – an album that takes the listener on a journey conjuring dark spirits and internal torment along the way.

Spreading My Ashes will be released on February 1st 2019 via Redefining Records.

You have to like black metal coming from places you wouldn’t normally expect and in Zohamah that is what we get. However, it’s not just black metal from somewhere unexpected. Spreading My Ashes is quality black metal from unexpected places!

Mournful, horrifying, twisted, evil…across seven tracks Zohamah embody it all and much more. Cold and calculating, it’s easy to believe that tracks like New World and The Darkness Whispers in My Ear were born in the frigid and icy locales of Norway.

Such is the perfect style of old-school blackness that Zohamah deliver. The bleakness weighs heavily as the vocals howl burying you deep under mounds of suffocating intensity.

For all the horror on show, Spreading My Ashes is not without depth or interesting musical moments. The death-infused Black Cloud has some of the heaviest moments going while A Broken Mirror pushes the haunted edges of the band’s sound to a new level. This track in particular conjures up images of barren, frozen lands where nothing but death awaits. Spectacular riffs are one thing but this is on another level.

Zohamah 1

Zohamah – Spreading My Ashes Full Track Listing:

1. New World
2. The Darkness Whispers in My Ear
3. Emptiness
4. Black Cloud
5. A Broken Mirror
6. My Ashes
7. Zohamah



The album can be ordered over on Bandcamp and more information can be found out over on Facebook.

Zohamah - Spreading My Ashes (Redefining Darkness Records)
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