Album Review – Bitter by Corroded (Despotz Records)

Swedish hard rock/heavy metal band, Corroded have released their new studio album via Despotz Records. This album is called Bitter.

Bitter is the band’s 5th album altogether since their formation in 2004. Their last release prior to this one was back in 2017 with the album, Defcon Zero. Corroded are a 4 piece. On vocals and rhythm guitar it is Jens Westin. On lead guitar we have Tomas Andersson and on bass it’s Bjarne Elvsgård. Finally, on the drums we have Per Soläng.


Bitter is a solid hard rock album that slips towards other genres throughout. Occasionally we go more to rock and a commercial sound. More often we venture closer to melodic metal. It will come as no surprise that I prefer it when we go towards the heavier sound. Thankfully that is their predominant route. One thing Corroded definitely hit home with are thick, bassy riffs that act as the spine of each track. Twanging bass and slamming guitars over a nice, deep drum sound are sure to get heads banging. Vocals are clean in there delivery but have plenty of punch and aggression to them.

There are some really catchy tracks here. Really good moments. The riff in Breathing is pure fire and the vocals are infectious to listen to especially with the added backing, occasionally clean but also stepping towards uncleans at times. Cross is one of the tracks rooted in solid heavy metal. Another cracking riff and deeper, angrier vocals carry you into a catchy chorus. Chuck in a decent solo and mini breakdown near the end and you can see this one being a crowd favourite.

Cyanide starts slow and ominously and explodes into metal half way through with blasting drums and shredding guitars. Time is another riff monster with a real foot tapping, head nodding rhythm that hooks you in and damn, what a cool solo! Drown has a pit worthy intro though the verse vocals are a little tame and dull. It picks it back up for a solid chorus and ends with one of the best solos on the whole album.

Solos are another plus with Corroded. There are some brilliant ones. Burn is an example where the solo elevates an otherwise okay song to great. The higher verse vocals do little for me but the chorus is brilliant as is the melodic slow down back into a solo. Scream has a ripping solo in the intro over a pounding drum beat that you could listen to all day.

There are some songs, or parts of songs I don’t care as much for though. The intro called Bitter – INTRO, to make sure you know it’s an intro, is just 2 minutes of synth I could live without. Destruction has a good solo but is a bit bland and rock by numbers otherwise. I hate the vocal line “are you a man or a mouse” in War as well. It’s pretty cheesy and not the sort of thing you see a venue full of rockers screaming out in unison.

Mostly though, Bitter is a really solid album with some absolute rocking tracks. The riffs are brilliant, pretty much throughout, and if you are a fan of solos, this is gonna be your jam. Vocals are great and the drums are impactful. The production on the album is impressive, the overall tone is clean but not lacking in depth or attitude. A couple filler tracks and a dodgy intro aside, Bitter is easily one of the best and most enjoyable hard rock album I have listened to for a long while.

Grab a copy of Bitter now on all the usual streaming platforms. You can grab a physical copy from Despotz Records here. Find out more about Corroded at their Facebook and Twitter pages by following the links.



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Bitter by Corroded (Despotz Records)
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