Album Review: Zatokrev – Zatokrev (Czar Of Bullets)

On April 13th 2018, Czar of Bullets will re-release Zatokrev’s self titled debut album for the first time on LP.

Although their first self-titled album was only intended for demo purposes the band immediately got offered various deals and finally released the record in 2004/2005 on Code:Breaker, Earache and Division Records.

Zatokrev 2

Stretching across a huge array of genres, Zatokrev can best be described as avant-garde. A unique sounding mix of doomy rock, extreme metal and creative stylings. The record is a fascinating listen as it drifts through smoggy streets, over dying fields and across ancient mountains.

The impression Zatokrev leave is hefty. Thrilling in its heaviness and melodic nature, it’s the 14 minutes of Fourem that can truly be called world-beating. It’s one of those tracks where you never notice the length, flying by in blur of brilliant metal.

The most surprising thing about Zatokrev is that this is a re-release. It sounds so fresh, so vibrant and so modern. Look no further then the final track, …Zato Krev to see that. A wonderous and affecting piece of dark & sadness tinged metal.

Zatokrev 1

Zatokrev – Zatokrev Full Track Listing:

1. Reveal
2. Fourem
3. See Through
4. Alive
5. …Zato Krev

You can order the physical album here and find out more via their website. Like them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, listen to tracks on Soundcloud and watch videos on YouTube.

Zatokrev - Zatokrev (Czar Of Bullets)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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