Top 10: Hardest Bosses In Cuphead

Cuphead can be a tough game to complete for even the most seasoned of gamers. Therefore, it can be useful to have some prior knowledge about the types of battles you’ll need to overcome. In total, there are 19 boss battles within the charming world found in Cuphead. I’m going to give you the 10 that caused me the most problems. The ones that don’t make the cut are by no means easy, all of them required multiple attempts. Also, this list assumes you’re going for an A rank as I was. Simply winning isn’t quite as tough. Here is my list of the Top 10 Hardest Bosses in Cuphead, with videos included that show how to defeat them and get that illusive A rank.

10 – Goopy Le Grande

Goopy Le Grande is one of the first bosses in Cuphead appearing in Ruse Of An Ooze from Inkwell Isle One. Once you’ve made it through the entire game, Goopy won’t feel like much of a challenge in hindsight. However, seeing as he is one of the first bosses you encounter it can be quite a rude awakening. You’ll only just start getting a feel for the controls and mechanics of Cuphead. Then, you have this blue slime bouncing back and forth with very little room to manoeuvre. His movements can feel very unpredictable but after a couple of tries you’ll start to notice patterns. Make sure you parry the question marks as you’ll need them for the A rank.

9 – Baroness Von Bon Bon

Baroness Von Bon Bon is a boss in Cuphead encountered in Inkwell Isle Two that is fought in the Sugarland Shimmy boss level. The difficulty with this battle is the randomness surrounding which 3 minions you’ll face before the Baroness herself. Again, quite easy when looking back. Still, this will truly test your ability to dash and dodge early on.

8 – Hilda Berg

Hilda Berg is a boss in Cuphead located in Inkwell Isle One. She appears in Threatenin’ Zeppelin as the first boss that is fought using an aeroplane. You’ll just be getting a hang of controlling Cuphead on land when something entirely different is thrown at you. Flying the plane comes with its own set of challenges. Still, there is the added bonus of being able to miniaturise yourself which can be very helpful in tight spots. Hilda Berg has 3 forms so be prepared to fail many times in order to learn the movements of each one. The biggest tip I can give is to save a super for the final form.

7 – Wally Warbles

Wally Warbles is a bird boss that can be found in Inkwell Isle Two in the level Aviary Action!, which is an airplane/aeroplane level. Another plane level and another that will force you to move constantly to avoid projectiles. Stay as far back as possible, it gives you much more time to dodge. Like every level, you’ll need 3 parries for the A rank. I failed many times due the distraction that getting them can bring so get them out of the way as early on as possible.

6 – Djimmi The Great

This is one of the two flying bosses fought in Inkwell Isle Two. He is encountered in the level Pyramid Peril. Unlike Wally Warbles, Djimmi forces you to constantly fly around the screen to avoid everything he throws at you. Swords, ghosts and those damn pillars. You’ll need a bit of luck here, make sure you save a super attack for his final form.

5 – Rumor Honeybottoms

This annoying Queen Bee appears in Honeycomb Herald, and resides in Inkwell Isle Three. There’s no two ways about it. To get an A rank will take some serious trial and error. At least in previous boss fights you only had to contend with dodging projectiles. Here, you must move to avoid the very environment itself. The lobber is a must as you’ll want as much distance between yourself and everything trying to kill you as possible. Getting 3 parries here is hard as there are few opportunities to do so and the ones that do exist put you in immediate danger.

4 – Dr. Kahl’s Robot

This boss is a combination of a robot and a mad scientist. They appear in Inkwell Isle Three, in Junkyard Jive! You’ll likely see this boss at the top of a lot of people’s hardest boss’s lists and I can see why. There aren’t many areas on the screen that I would consider safe so fly around and don’t be afraid to go small when required. I recommend getting the 3 mandatory parries before destroying any of his body as things get much harder when you do so. Take your time when attacking his flying head and miniaturise yourself to get an extra speed boost to avoid those damn skull missiles. The last section is projectile insanity that requires expert manoeuvring.

3 – The Devil

I spent more time against the Devil than any other boss. It’s a battle that you’ll need to try over and over to learn about everything he throws at you. Once you know what to expect it can still be extremely frustrating. However, with a calm mind and the right approach this is doable. Once I realised I could kill the flying bats near the end it didn’t seem so bad.

2 – Grim Matchstick

Grim Matchstick is the dragon boss in Cuphead. He appears in Inkwell Isle Two and is fought in the Fiery Frolic level. This may surprise some but man, I had a nightmare against this blasted dragon. The final section is the most frustrating in the entire game. I found not getting hit practically impossible. Therefore, you need to make it to that section without getting hit to get an A rank which is where the problems begin. Also, getting 3 parries here is seriously annoying as the only chance to do so is at the very beginning.

1 – King Dice

King Dice is the right-hand man of the Devil and the secondary antagonist of Cuphead. King Dice is seen in the stage All Bets Are Off!. Instead of fighting him right away, a minimum of three mini bosses must be defeated to battle King Dice himself. The simplest reason as to why King Dice is number one is due to that fact that it is the longest battle. It is made easier if you can manipulate the dice roll to get the easiest path of bosses. This can give you valuable extra life. Still, it’s stressful to make it so far and then have the prospect of failing at the final hurdle. King Dice himself isn’t too bad as long as you can parry like a champ or smoke dash behind his hands.

So there you have it, which boss in Cuphead did you have the most trouble with? Defeating them is by no means easy but I’m pretty proud of doing that and managing to get an A rank in each and every one.


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