Album Review: wornoc – Motionless (Self Released)

Ireland’s wornoc is a solo post-rock/electronic artist from Ireland who recently release their self-produced debut album ‘Motionless’ via Lupa Records.

An impressive debut outing for this solo artist, wornoc takes the listener on a post-rock journey with Motionless. One that has deep emotive value, feels light and airy, and creates thrilling atmosphere with the use of electronica. It’s a familiar combination for fans of this style of music, but that doesn’t mean it’s uninspired.

The word ‘drifting’ comes up a lot when listening to the nine tracks of this album. Drifting because that’s the feeling that dominates. The subtle sensory touches and elemental feel are akin to floating nomadically in a calm, warm and buoyant sea, or through the cosmos. There’s no fear, no worries, no sense of danger. You just exist within the music. To be able to capture this feeling on a record shows the talent of wornoc.

Not only that, it’s not pretentious music. Tracks are tight, nothing feels overdone, there’s no showing off or dragging on. It’s clear wornoc knew exactly what they wanted to achieve here and set out to ensure that experience was exactly what a listener would hear. From mellow moments to more robust moments, the passion and honesty bleeds through every single track.

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Even if it takes a few listens for that captivating quality to really take hold on a few tracks here and there. Eventually, like a lightbulb moment, it just clicks and your away with wornoc.

Motionless, but alive and content.

wornoc – Motionless Full Track Listing:

1. Vines
2. The Blackhole Paradox
3. Rising Tides
4. Motionless
5. Four Corners
6. Distorted Views
7. Deep Within
8. Signs
9. Tranquillity (feat. Brian Finnegan)




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wornoc - Motionless (Self Released)
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