Album Review: Woodhawk – Beyond the Sun (Self-Released)

Calgary, Alberta’s Woodhawk released their new album on April 7th 2017. Beyond the Sun mixes early Black Sabbath with a modern stoner sound to great results.

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Woodhawk play a lovely brand of stoner rock & for 39 minutes bare their souls for all to see. Beyond the Sun is a fantastic record filled with moody riffs, hazy beats & vocals that are lethargic in style but excite in equal measure.

It’s easy to be sold on the record instantly with the double header of Beyond the Sun & The High Priest. The former a slap around the face with its smokey sounding hooks while the latter ups the tempo with exciting rhythm & riffs-a-plenty. There is some real deep, dark country sounding guitar picking & strumming here that steps the track up.

Things get harder & faster as the album progresses. Stoner rock it might be but there is no sitting still through this. The jerky sounding riff that crops up in Living in the Sand alongside some top bass strumming has it vying for song of the album.

However there are plenty of other contenders too. Magnetic North might have a slower beat but it’s dripping in delicious atmosphere while Quest for Clarity drives home the power of the bass.

There isn’t a bad song on this album. It’s rocking from the very first second to the very last. Every one of the band members deserve praise. From the guitar riffs & hooks, to the memorable drum beats & sultry vocals, it’s just pure quality throughout.

It’s not all serious though as the Star Wars inspired, A New Hope proves bringing a smile to faces especially with lyrics like:

“Close your eyes & use the force”

Being 9 songs long it’s over far too soon but happily doesn’t overstay its welcome. The haunting & short melody of Forsee the Future leads into one final hurrah. The instant the drum beat gets going alongside the best riff of the album you know you’re in for a great finale. Chrononaut brings the fire & caps of a seriously pleasurable album. Even if you think stoner rock isn’t your thing, check out Beyond the Sun. You won’t be disappointed.

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Woodhawk- Beyond the Sun Full Track Listing:

1. Beyond the Sun
2. The High Priest
3. Living in the Sand
4. Magnetic North
5. Lawless
6. Quest for Clarity
7. A New Hope
8. Forsee the Future
9. Chrononaut

You can pick up Beyond the Sun via major streaming platforms as well as through Bandcamp. Check out Woodhawk via their website here, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram & on YouTube.


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Woodhawk - Beyond the Sun (Self-Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10

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