Album Review: Woest – La fin de l’ère Sauvage (Heathen Tribes)

La fin de l’ère Sauvage is the new album from French doom/black metallers, Woest. The album was released on August 27th 2017 via Heathen Tribes.

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Like an evil ritual, Le Froid Efface begins the album off in dark & raw fashion. The unabashed brutal sound of blackness mixed with monk-like chanting bleeds out into a furious guttural medley of noise. The passion that Woest deliver here is simply stunning, you’ll believe every word they sing even if you don’t speak French.

One of the more intriguing parts of La fin de l’ère Sauvage as whole is its use of industrial elements to give the constant black metal sound a lighter feel. Tout S’écroule is a bit more traditional at first & lacking a hook until a screeching effect takes hold. The vocals become more desperate & hungry sounding while a thumping bass sound in the distance keeps things on edge.

There have been few records this year that take black metal & make it sound so innovative. There is some fascinatingly dark ideas here & while it doesn’t always gel together perfectly it keeps you listening on.

After the doomy heaviness of the title track, Noir offers a lighter more melodic effort, heavy with industrial sound before Moelleuse Et Tiède rips the rug out from underneath you. The booming bass-heavy intro erupts into the most exciting track on the album thanks to the occultist rhythm.

The album wraps up with the haunting 8 minute epic that is Toundra. The guitar melody takes centre stage over everything delivering a listening experience that will stay with you for ages afterwards. Conjuring up images of rolling fog pouring through a thicket of trees deep within the woods on a cold, dark night. As you watch, a gnarled & twisted hand reaches out of the thick mist beckoning you forward & try as you might, you can’t resist its calling.

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Woest – La fin de l’ère Sauvage Full Track Listing:

1. Le Froid Efface
2. Tout S’écroule
3. La Fin De L’ère Sauvage
4. Noir
5. Moelleuse Et Tiède
6. Toundra

You can pick up the album now over on Bandcamp. Keep up to date with all Woest related news by liking their Facebook Page. You can also find out more about Heathen Tribes on their Facebook Page.

Woest - La fin de l'ère Sauvage (Heathen Tribes)
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