Album Review: WitchTit – Intoxicating Lethargy (Self Released)

WitchTit are a crushing five-piece doom metal outfit from Raleigh, North Carolina about to release their debut album, Intoxicating Lethargy. It will be released on March 12th, 2021.

Think of the heaviest riffs you can, imagine them bearing all their weight down on the mind, then double it. That’s what WitchTit’s crushing sound is like. A doom record that has a lot of nods towards the past, not just when it comes to doom either. Many might find themselves surprised by the NWOBHM influences that are spread about too.

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Perhaps, it’s the distraction of the eerie and lingering vocals or the glacial pace of the guitars. When we do get bursts of speed, it’s one hell of a shock to the system but often, very welcome. It’s what transforms Silver Tongue and Crimson Tide into character-filled efforts. Anyone can be heavy but being uber-heavy and keeping things interesting is not so easy. WitchTit make it look so.



Though, the gelatinous doominess is the focus and there’s no disputing just how good WitchTit are at making everything so slow. Time certainly does begin to crawl even when there’s a little more pep to the guitars such as on Traveller.

It’s a kick-ass doom album with just enough memorable moments to make it last. Intoxicating lethargy, indeed.

WitchTit – Intoxicating Lethargy Full Track Listing:

1. Silver Tongue
2. Crimson Tide
3. Intoxicating Lethargy
4. Traveller
5. Home Invasion


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WitchTit - Intoxicating Lethargy (Self Released)
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