Album Review: Sirius Curse – Time Knows No Lies (Self Released)

Heavy metal band, Sirius Curse hail from the cosy town of Rottweil in southern Germany and was founded in August 2014. It was not ambition that brought them together but the mere joy of making music.

Frank Würthner (guitar), Andreas Spitznagel (guitar) and Peter Hirsch (vocals) had already known each other from their former band Exterior. Dominikus Sautermeister (bass guitar) and Simon Wilde (drums) joined the band later and completed the line-up.

Their debut album ‘Time Knows No Lies’ will be released on the 15th March 2021.

Drawing from the deep well of traditional heavy metal, albeit with a bit more groove, Sirius Curse bring riffs. Big, thick and juicy riffs. Riffs that come screaming out of the dark, dangerously powerful and deliciously addictive. Riffs that make the chuggy Loud stand out.

Though the guitars aren’t the only thing that grab the attention throughout this debut. Accompanying such a bevy are some downright epic sounding vocals, plenty of gruff lows to go with the soaring highs. Relax (It’s War), a great showcase of the singing talents of Sirius Curse.

Then we have solid and rhythmic drumming and bass to add a strong backbone to the entire release. The stuff that gives No Tomorrow’s doomier drawl some proper meatiness.

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That’s half the album there (Rain is a short intro) and Sirius Curse haven’t put a foot wrong. Not that they’re likely to either when the head-banging beat of Crucified kicks in and little highlights; such as a damn catchy chorus, some guitar squeals and flourishes, excite the senses.

It’s time for some speed though and to acknowledge those riffs again with the punchy title track. Before The Sense has a bit more thoughtful melody to proceedings while being indistinguishably heavy metal. Such is the ease in which Sirius Curse are able to dip into the well of classic head-banging music and pull out unexpected goodies. The album then ends with one last chunky and pace-driven heavyweight offering in the form of the sexy and sleazy sound of Bondage.

It’s a blast, helped by the fact that the band are clearly enjoying themselves. They’re aware this isn’t game-changing music, they just want to do something they love and that comes through strongly. It makes you root for them all the more.

Sirius Curse – Time Knows No Lies Full Track Listing:

1. Rain
2. Loud
3. Relax (It’s War)
4. No Tomorrow
5. Crucified
6. Time Knows No Lies
7. The Sense
8. Bondage


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Sirius Curse - Time Knows No Lies (Self Released)
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