Album Review: Whyzdom – Of Wonders And Wars (Scarlet Records)

Building upon their strong symphonic roots and signature sound which combines both blazing riffs and powerful classical orchestra and choir, Whyzdom take us on a new bombastic road with ‘Of Wonders and Wars’. A journey through millennia, from ancient past to distant future, showing both the brightest and the darkest sides of humanity. It will be released on September 17th, 2021 via Scarlet Records.

A grandiose symphonic and orchestral highlight, Of Wonders and Wars is the epitome of the word ‘epic’. We’re listening to the score of humanity throughout the millennia, albeit one with the heavy metal at its core. The bombastic kick of Wanderers and Dreamers and the following Child of Damnation might not seem as though metal is at the forefront but the thump and squeal of heavier instrumentation is still very prominent. It just so happens that the orchestral side of Whyzdom is so powerful that it dominates while having a ton of layers. Hell, the choir use alone is simply spectacular.

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There’s no subtly at all to Stonehenge but to be honest, who wants it? Whyzdom are firing on all symphonic metal cylinders and it’s stupidly enjoyable. Ariadne has the choir once again making a hell of an impact, alongside chuggy and chunky guitar riffing. Before Touch the Sky showcases mournful melodrama blended with bursts of intensity and War brings blood-pumping battle music to the front.

There’s no doubt that Whyzdom are an incredibly talented bunch and in a genre that is dominated by just a handful of bands, it’s warming to listen to one that should be the next big thing. Of Wonders and Wars is constantly and consistently exciting, while also having a fair amount of variety. Not something you can often say about symphonic/orchestral metal but proven as the album reaches its closing stages.

Metropolis Lights, Pyramids and The Final Collapse offer varying degrees of upbeat and heartfelt heaviness and epic beauty. Culminating in Notre Dame, an adventurous and moving finale that hits every single high you would hope for at this stage of the album. Whyzdom continue to make you feel like you’re listening to something world-beating.

Whyzdom – Of Wonders and Wars Full Track Listing:

1. Wanderers And Dreamers
2. Child Of Damnation
3. Stonehenge
4. Ariadne
5. Touch The Sky
6. War
7. Metropolis Lights
8. Pyramids
9. The Final Collapse
10. Notre Dame


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Whyzdom - Of Wonders And Wars (Scarlet Records)
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