Album Review: Wayward Dawn – All-Consuming Void (Emanzipation Productions)

On September 9th, the Danish death metal killing machine Wayward Dawn return with its third album, All-Consuming Void. Released on digital, CD, and LP (transparent orange vinyl, limited to 300 units) via Emanzipation Productions.

Death metal that slays. Wayward Dawn unleash a savage assault of extreme with their new album, All-Consuming Void. Six meaty offerings of hellacious noise and one extensive blast of extravagant horror. Overall, a seven-track album that stabs and slashes until there is nothing left but pools of blood, guts and sinew.

There’s no sugar coating this at all, Wayward Dawn have produced a brutal sounding album. Where the rawness of the core death metal sound is balanced by proficient instrumentation that lets the riffs be the focus. Complimented by absolutely crushing drums and vile sounding vocals. At no point does it calm down. Even tempo switches just mean the savagery is coming at you in varied speeds and directions.

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It’s as straight-forward as death metal gets, up until the finale of Pull of the Boulder. Where the sight of a twelve-minute offering will stop most listeners in their tracks. That’s quite a runtime for death metal and it certainly causes a lot of intrigue. So, what do we get?

A track of inane heaviness, of indescribable ferocity and intense ruthlessness. The jolts between hyperactive fury and dark, cold drawls are exceptional and what keeps this track so interesting. As class as this track is though, All-Consuming Void is way more than a ‘one-track’ album. It is a seven-track album of undeniable viciousness in a classic death metal way.

Wayward Dawn – All-Consuming Void Full Track Listing:

1. Disorienting Verminosity
2. Cage Of Resentment
3. Isolation
4. The Crushing Weight
5. Bottomless Pit
6. House Of Mirrors
7. Pull of the Boulder


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Wayward Dawn - All-Consuming Void (Emanzipation Productions)
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