Album Review: Walrus – Cool to Who (Outside Music)

The Halifax, Nova Scotia-based garage-psych quartet, Walrus, are set to release their new album, Cool to Who via Outside Music on October 18, 2019. The new album, which was recorded over two sleep-deprived days at the Old Confidence Lodge – an 18th-century old theatre in Riverport, Nova Scotia – follows-up the 2017 debut, Family Hangover.

Mellow and light, Breathe is an interesting intro to Walrus’ Cool to Who. On the one hand it’s slow and lacking in energy but on the other it’s touching and memorable, the chorus is absolute fire.

Following that, Walrus begin to stretch their garage rock muscles with the title track and the irreverent guitar twangs of Half Smoke. It’s here that the unique proposition of Walrus begins to really make itself known and the album really begins to entrance.

It’s a change of vocals (male) for the super-soft Marcel and the rhythmic Mr. Insecure. Both tracks showing a level of refinement one might not expect if they’re unfamiliar with Walrus.

The female vocals return for the excellent Played Out, the effects giving it an exciting psychedelic vibe. Ballad of Love (Or Something) is exactly what it says it is but doesn’t quite capture the imagination in quite the same way as the following Out For A While.

Finally it’s Bored to Death and Anymore to close things out. The former gets the foot tapping along while the latter is a catchy but teary finale.

Walrus – Cool to Who Full Track Listing:

1. Breathe
2. Cool To Who
3. Half Smoke
4. Marcel
5. Mr. Insecure
6. Played Out
7. Ballad Of Love (Or Something)
8. Out For A While
9. Bored To Death
10. Anymore


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Walrus - Cool to Who (Outside Music)
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