Album Review: Voluntary Mortification – Suffer To Rise (Rottweiler Records)

Hailing from Lansing, Michigan Voluntary Mortification aim to be “a light in the darkness for those who are broken and hurting” but their message of hope is delivered with a sonic accompaniment of the most brutal kind! Their debut album, Suffer to Rise, features eleven songs of near unimaginable heaviness, and will be released on July 22nd, 2022 via Rottweiler Records.

BRUTAL. So brutal that it earns the ‘all-caps’.

Making one hell of an impression with this debut release, the deathcore filth-mongers that is Voluntary Mortification deliver something that can simply be called brutal. It’s not just that it’s heavy as fuck, it’s also because it is it has this thick vein of horror running through it. A bloody massacre of instrumentation met out by the band who wear sickeningly big grins on their faces as they witness the carnage they have created.

The blast beats are on another freaking level here. The speed is simply eye-watering. Voluntary Mortification are legitimately one of the most intense bands heard this year so far. Maybe even further back than that. Strong words but ones many will agree with once they get a listen of this.

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Does it fall into the category of ‘heavy for the sake of heavy’ though? Sometimes. On occasion it does seem as though the band wanted to see if they can bust a decibel counter but for the most part, it’s organised and structured heaviness. Voluntary Mortification are not just noise-mongers. Their song-writing ability is notable and amongst the chaotic hammering of instruments and vocals are some note-worthy twists and turns. You do have to dig deep though and the bludgeoning tends to be all that remains once a track is finished.

Take that for what it is. There are eleven slabs of deathcore being dropped on your head here. It’s going to hurt… a lot. If you think you’re up for the challenge of taking them all on, Voluntary Mortification are going to do everything possible to make you regret your decision.

Voluntary Mortification – Suffer to Rise Full Track Listing:

1. Wages of Sin
2. Death Tremors
3. Vindicator
4. Valley of Slaughter
5. Silence
6. Demoncratic Society
7. The Cull
8. Abomination
9. Suffer to Rise
10. Into Your Hands
11. Crush the Serpent’s Head


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Voluntary Mortification - Suffer To Rise (Rottweiler Records)
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