Album Review: Volturian – Crimson (Scarlet Records)

Volturian is a modern metal band founded by singer Federica Lanna (Sleeping Romance) and songwriter Federico Mondelli (Frozen Crown), based on the huge contrast between mellow, dreamy female vocals and heavy downtuned guitars, with a massive infusion of electronic music.

The album concept relies on dark, obscure and romantic themes, infusing the band’s lyrical imagery with gloomy Victorian vibes. Their album ‘Crimson’ is going to be available starting from April 24th 2020 via Scarlet Records.

The gothic tinge to Volturian is what really makes Crimson such a thrilling listen, especially as the electronica intro of Crimson Dust doesn’t exactly wow. What does wow though is what follows, the hard-hitting pace and metal energy of New Life.

Wonderfully soaring vocals, guitars that shred away and a lighter yet still powerful percussion section shows just what Volturian are capable of.

Haunting Symphony keeps things solid enough but it is the exceedingly catchy Broken that really brings the album to life. Synthy electronica, choppy riffs and flashes of intense heaviness makes this an album highlight.

Gothic snyth that gets the body moving is strong in The Killing Joke and In A Heartbeat, the thump of the drums just an added bonus. Between the Sleepers really ups the tempo which is saying something as this album is pretty high-tempo throughout before Days Before You Died delivers delicious gothic noise.

An epic and touching penultimate track in the form of Forevermore leads to a seriously uplifting finale. Fading Like A Flower being the encapsulation of what Volturian are, a gothic-synth metal band that deliver consistently catchy head-bangers.

Volturian – Crimson Full Track Listing:

1. Crimson Dust
2. New Life
3. Haunting Symphony
4. Broken
5. The Killing Joke
6. In A Heartbeat
7. Between The Sleepers
8. Days Before You Died
9. Forevermore
10. Fading Like A Flower




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Volturian - Crimson (Scarlet Records)
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