Album Review: Volkihar – Blood Magik Ritual (Self Released)

Blood Magik Ritual is the debut album of vampiric black metal band Volkihar. Inspired by the second wave of black metal, the band and album is themed around the Volkihar vampire clan from the Elder Scrolls Series.



Volkihar is a band after our hearts here at GBHBL. Covering the three major tenants of our brand: video games, horror and heavy metal. The only thing is to get to our hearts, they’re going straight through the chest in bloody style.

The blood flows richly and warmly across ancient sacrificial stones with the opening title track. The ringing black metal riffs and menacing vocals more than just the shadows in the darkness.

A harsher and more traditional sounding black-infused sound arrives on wings of death with Struggle for Survival. Before the bleak, evil energy of March for Blood and warped skulk of Feast on the Herd delve deeply into the horror that Volkihar portray. This is the darker and more perverse side of the Elder Scrolls (some of the best bits too).

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An interlude with The Shaken Lamb Bleats then leads us into a frenzied assault of guitars on Thrall’s Blood. One where life is taken in quick and brutal order, especially when compared to the choking malevolence of The Machinations of Court. This is a section of the album that nails the exciting variety in Volkihar’s sound.

Although there are no complaints about the battle cry that is Slay the Dawnguard or the destructive world-ender that is Onwards to a Blackened Sun. The culmination of Volkihar’s impressive black metal offering coming in a river of blood. With a ritualistic outro (Bathing in Moonlight) to cap it off.

Evil and horror infused, Blood Magik Ritual is a very enjoyable listen for fans of the blacker side of metal.

Volkihar – Blood Magik Ritual Full Track Listing:

1. Blood Magik Ritual
2. Struggle for Survival
3. March for Blood
4. Feast on the Herd
5. The Shaken Lamb Bleats (Interlude)
6. Thrall’s Blood
7. The Machinations of Court
8. Slay the Dawnguard
9. Onwards to a Blackened Sun
10. Bathing in Moonlight (Outro)


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Volkihar - Blood Magik Ritual (Self Released)
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