Album Review: Volcanova – Radical Waves (The Sign Records)

In an alternative reality where Kyuss didn’t get their start in the sun drenched weather of California, but in a cold barren volcanic landscape of Iceland, you would get Volcanova. Members hailing from 3 corners of this unique island of lava fields, glaciers and hot springs came together to erupt a fresh take on desert rock.

Radical Waves will be released on August 21st 2020 via The Sign Records.

Fuzzy as hell, moody and slow, the intro of Welcome sets the scene (the unbearable sun is setting). Volcanova then kicking into some proper groove with Where’s the Time? A little bit psychedelic, with a whole lot of energy and dripping in good time desert rock vibes.

Keeping things dusty but so very easy to move the body too we get the grin-inducing effort of Super Duper Van before I’m Off implies a more mellow offering. That’s before Volcanova knock it up a gear and unleash a torrent of animated riffs.

Those looking for a bit more depth will get their fill with Stoneman Snowman. The bassy thrum echoing in the background alongside the combination of sharper riffs and mellow playfulness is a bit of a thriller. Then with around a minute left the psych warbles pick up and Volcanova go all out for a frantic finish.

It’s back to the foot-tapping and head-banging bounce with Sushi Sam and Mountain where catchiness rules all. Before M.O.O.D. showcases a darker and deeper side that leans towards doom almost. Certainly one of the heaviest offerings on the album.

Although, Got Game goes hard and heavy too with a very agitated rhythm, however it’s far more groovy. Which leads to a hefty slice of out and out hard rocking goodness with the finale of Lights. So good, so easy to lose yourself in. Volcanova have delivered a banger here.

Volcanova – Radical Waves Full Track Listing:

1. Welcome
2. Where’s the Time?
3. Super Duper Van
4. I’m Off
5. Stoneman Snowman
6. Sushi Sam
7. Mountain
8. M.O.O.D.
9. Got Game
10. Lights


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Volcanova - Radical Waves (The Sign Records)
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